Club Shop


Shopkeeper Mrs. Geraldine Clark

The Keeshond Club Shop offers an extensive and varied collection of Keeshond memorabilia, including items of Porcelain, Gold Lace Jewellery and Silverware as well as an assortment of other Breed Accessories.


Best In Show SOLD

Standing Plaque SOLD

Small Keeshond necklace

The Keeshond Necklace £6.00


Keeshond cushion cover

Keeshond cushion cover £12.50

wooden plaques with Keeshonds

Wooden plaques SOLD

Book Mark £5.00, Ring Clip £10.00, Keyring £5.00


Teabag Tidy £5.00, Spoon Rest £5.00

China Mug £9.50, Spray Bottle £3.00

Paw Ear rings £5.00


Teddy with T-Shirt £10.00

Large adult Hoodie £30.00

Ladies Scarf SOLD


Small round Keeshond plaque

Small wooden plaque SOLD

Keeshond key ring, brooch and lapel pin

Keeshond Key Ring £5, Head Brooch £10, Head lapel pin £5.


Items from the Keeshond Club shop can be ordered by e-mail from Geraldine click here


Items can be collected (from shows/Keeshond Club Committee Members) or delivered by post (if suitable) with the purchaser paying for post and packaging.

For further information or to discuss collection & delivery options, including overseas and multiple orders, please email or phone.


All profits from Club Shop sales are paid into the funds of The Keeshond Club

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