2014 October Open Show

at The Grange Hall, Southam, Warwicks. CV47 1QA
on Saturday 4th October 2014

Judge:  Mrs Barbara Eggleston (Ricara)


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Best in Show Peck, Matthews’ and Ransley’s Wund-Ry-Workin For A Livin at Szaryk (US imp)
RBIS and BOB  Gregory’s Ch Amikirs Bubbleicious
Best Puppy Pattison’s Eastkees Silver Sixpence
Reserve Best Bitch White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania
Reserve Best Dog Andrew’s Neradmik Help The Hero at Maldine
Best Veteran Lindsay’s Mezanda Teachers Pet

Best in Show

photo 3


Dogs Entered – 61
Dogs Absent – 15
Dogs Present – 46
Minor Puppy Dog – 2 (2)
Puppy Dog (No entries)
Junior Dog – 1  1st Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
Special Yearling – No entries
Novice Dog – No entries
Post Graduate Dog – 4 (1) 1st Atkinson’s Winklestar Hadar
2nd Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sampson
3rd Waller’s Brykin Big Chief
Limit Dog – 7 1st Andrews’ Neradmik Help the Hero at Maldine
2nd Miles & Dean’s Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek
3rd Miles, Cullen & Brown’s Rossvale’s Legacy for Lekkerbek
Res Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt
VHC Wilkin’s Pommary Ruff n’Ready at Valindale
Open Dog – 6 (1) 1st Peck, Matthews & Ransley’s Wund-r-y Working for a Livinat Szaryk (Imp. USA)
2nd Miles & Cullen’s Neradmik Game for Lekkerbek
3rd Brunt’s Sueacres Iced Diamond of Zandvoort
Res Lindsay’s Enrevyar Exceptional at Mezanda
VHC Henman & Peterson’s Foxifayre Dr. Zhivago
Veteran Dog – 3 1st Passmore’s Am. Grand Ch. Trumpet’s It’s Good tobe King (Imp. US)
2nd Peck’s Ch. Valindale Fixed Assets For ByquyHill’s
3rd Hill’s Plymkees First Edition
Breeder’s Open Dog – 3 1st Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
2nd Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt
3rd Hill’s Pymkees Cool Dude ShCM

Reserve BIS Challenge



Challenge for Best Veteran


Minor Puppy Bitch – 3 1st Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Slipper
2nd Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees
3rd Henman & Peterson’s Foxifayre Chasing Rainbows
Junior Bitch – 3 (1)  1st Pattison’s Eastkees Silver Sixpence
2nd Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders
Special Yearling – 1 (1)
Novice Bitch – 1  1st Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees
Post Graduate Bitch – 4  1st Baker’s Neradmik Pretty in Pink for Lowella
2nd Atkinson’s Winklestar Capella
3rd Carter’s Amikirs Bucks Fizz of Almraglic
Res Wadmore Smith’s Neradmik Gucci at Szaryk
Limit Bitch – 6 (2)  1st White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania
2nd Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret
3rd Saunders’ Liefkees Angelika
Res Harding’s Amikirs Amour
Open Bitch – 5 (1) 1st Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious
 2nd Brunt’s Vanstrand Quantum of Solace
3rd Eastkees Timeless Love
Res Wilkin’s Ch. Whizzkees Silver Slipper
 Veteran Bitch – 10 (4)  1st Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
2nd Saunders’ Ch. Liefkees Albertine
3rd Atkinson’s Allforus Dice with Me at Winklestar
Res Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition Sh. CM
VHC Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
 Special Breeders Bitch  1st Lindsay’s Mezanda Teachers Pet
 2nd Passmore’s Torrikees American Affair
 3rd Lindsay’s Mezanda’s Mai Starshine
Res Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade



4th OCTOBER 2014


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this show and for the excellent meal.
I was surprised to find a few dogs with ungroomed and smelly coats but they were in a minority. I also had 1 male with a dubious temperament.
I thoroughly enjoyed my day and would like to thank all the exhibitors at this show for entering and allowing me the honour of judging your lovely dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog 2 entries both absent
Puppy Dog No entries

Junior Dog 1 entry
1) Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm 17 month old masculine dog balanced head, dark almond shaped eye, small neat ears used constantly tight high set tail he was a little distracted by a bitch at the ringside but moved well when settled. A promising young man.

Novice Dog No entries

Post Graduate Dog 4 entries 1 absent
1) Atkinson’s Winklestar Hadar 20 months old dog and one I have admired he is taking time to mature but has improved so much. He is a well balanced boy with excellent bone excellent spring of rib and well muscled hind quarters shoulder placement is good he is so sound moving just needs to finish in head to complete the picture.
2) Wilkin’s Whizkees Onyx Sampson a smaller dog who was out of coat he has good bone and high set tail lovely expression moved a little close behind today.

Limit Dog 7 entries
1) Andrews Neradmik Help The Hero At Maldine Well grown boy of 3 years in excellent coat and condition very well presented, good bone, balanced head with a lovely expression high set tail carried well over his back moved well. RESERVE BEST DOG
2) Miles/Dean Neradmik Family Affair With Lekkerbek This dog is younger brother to above from repeat mating, unlucky to meet 1 in such good form, similar head pattern good shoulder placement and well muscled dark eye coat not at its best.
3) Miles/Cullen/Brown Rossvale’s Legacy For Lekkerbek

Open Dog 6 entries 1 absent
1) Peck/Matthews/Ransley Wund-RyWorkin For A Living At Szaryk (imp USA) This dog exudes ring presence and cannot be overlooked, in excellent coat of good colour sadly lacking in some exhibits today. He has a well balanced head and dark eye of correct almond shape, moderately long neck and excellent shoulder placement, deep rib cage and well let down hocks which gives him true keeshond movement he stands 4 square and has that I am here no one else matters expression. All this with excellent presentation he could not be denied BEST IN SHOW
2) Miles/Cullen Neradmik Game Plan For Lekkerbek Larger dog in good coat but does not have the definition of 1 he is in proportion for his size has good bone and balanced head and moved ok.
3) Brunt’s Sueacres Iced Diamond of Zandvoort

Veteran Dog 3 entries
1) Passmore’s Am Gr Ch Trumpet’s It’s Good To Be King (imp USA) 7 year old dog with well balanced head dark almond eye neat ears short compact body and high set tail coat a little dull today moved well
2) Peck’s Ch Valindale Fixed Assets for Byquy nearly 8 years old dog with excellent bone showed well movement not as true as 1
3) Hill’s Plymkees First Edition

Breeders Dog 3 entries
1) Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
2) Newman’s Leazehond Lightening Bolt this dog was 4th in Limit he has a lovely head lighter in colour than 1 and very reluctant to show his ears today he moved well.


Minor Puppy Bitch 3 entries
1) Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Slipper all 3 babies were quite raw and having a ball this one was smaller with a very sweet expression balanced head and dark eye well set tail and lovely colour all 3 moved erratically but enjoyed the day hope this one grows on.
2) Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees same remarks apply to this puppy who is litter sister this one is bigger but not showing as well as 1
3) Henman’s Foxifayre Chasing Rainbows.

Puppy Bitch 3 entries 1 absent
1) Pattison’s Eastkees Silver Sixpence 10 month old puppy of good colour and substance, sweet expression, dark almond eyes good shoulder placement and compact shape showed and moved well BEST PUPPY
2) Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders 8 months old not as sweet in head as 1 good colour moved well

Junior Bitch 3 entries
1) Lindsay’s Mezanda Mai Starshine 20 months old with balanced head dark eye and small neat ears, moderate neck and good shoulder placement excellent presentation and good colour moved well.
2) Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders

Special Yearling Bitch 1 entry 1 absent

Novice Bitch 1 entry
1) Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees

Post Graduate Bitch 4 entries
1) 1)Broomfield’s Neradmik Pretty In Pink To Lowella very sweet bitch of 20 months well balanced head neat ears and dark almond shaped eyes moderate neck and good shoulders excellent presentation good colour moved well.
1) Atkinson’s Winklestar Capella different type of bitch compact and well balanced throughout very good bone would prefer a smaller ear just coming back into coat moved well
2) Carter’s Amikirs Bucks Fizz Of Almraglic
3) Wadmore-Smith Neradmik Gucci At Szaryk

Limit Bitch 6 entries 2 absent
1) White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania This girl is in stunning coat of good colour balanced head and sweet expression moved very well she was pushed hard by RESERVE BEST BITCH
2) Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret a 2 year old very pretty bitch she has a lovely balanced head and expression she is so square and moved well just didn’t have the colour of 1
3) Saunder’s Liefkees Angelika

Open Bitch 5 entries
1) Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious balanced and sweet head dark eye lovely expression coat is of good colour and not excessive she has a high set tail and moves well pleased to award her BEST BITCH RESERVE BEST IN SHOW BEST OPPOSITE SEX
2) Brunt’s Vanstrand Quantum Of Solace 23 months old bitch showed well and moved ok good coat but not colour of 1 and has lighter eye
3) Pattison’s Eastkees Timeless Love

Veteran Bitch 10 entries 4 absent
1) Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet and what a pet she is I LOVED her 12 years young and movement still very good showed her head off lovely dark eye and her teeth are so good too lost my heart to this lovely lady won this class with ease and could not be denied the breeders class. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2) Saunders Ch Liefkees Albertine another lovely girl 9 years old showed and moved well lovely coat of good colour.

Breeders Bitch 5 entries 1 absent
1) Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
2) Passmore’s Torrikees American Affair lovely compact bitch with well balanced head and sweet expression unlucky to meet the veteran on such good form
3) Lindsay’s Mezanda’s Mai Starshine



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