2015 April Championship Show

   Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park,


Sunday 12th April 2015


Judge –  Miss Elina Haapaniemi  (Finland)



Winner of the Dog CC


Best of Breed   Ch. Torrikees Victoria’s Secret
Reserve Best of Breed   Int. Ch Lyntova Midnight Dream
Dog CC   Int. Ch. Lyntova  Legend Has It
Reserve Dog CC   Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek
Bitch CC   Ch. Torrikees Victoria’s Secret
Reserve Bitch CC   Int. Ch Lyntova Midnight Dream
Best Veteran   Am Gr Ch Trumpets It’s Good to be King (imp USA)
Best Puppy   Gavimir Arum Lily
Minor Puppy Dog – 3
 1 Brunt’s Kimokees Laughs N Runs of Zandvoort
2 Ransley’s Szaryk Amadeo’s All Shook Up
3 Segall’s Keitakees Friend Of Ours
Puppy Dog – 6 1 Carroll’s Cedarhills-Shamrock Foreign Correspondent Lyntova
2 Hickson’s Kichigai Luke Skywalker
3 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Asterisk
Res Janssen & Stassen’s No Limit Van Het Earlskamp
VHC Segall’s Keitakees Friend of Ours
Junior Dog  –  2 (1)
1 Bowden-Roche’s Bargeway Point Blank
Special Yearling Dog – 3
1 Sharp-Bale & Morgan’s Rossvale Destined To Be With Neradmik
2 Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
Novice Dog – 2 1 Brunt’s Kimokees Laugh N Run of Zandvoort
2 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Asterisk
Under Graduate Dog – 0
Post Graduate Dog – 6 (1)
1 Atkinson’s Winklestar Hadar
2 Baker’s Neradmik the Boy Next Door
3 Rose’s Rossvale Master of Destiny for Esorkees
Res Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sampson
VHC Wilkes’ Helkeesen Surfin at Dakaraikees
Limit Dog – 11 1 Andrew’s Neradmik Help the Hero at Maldine
2 Harris’s Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees JW ShCM
3 Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt
Res Miles’ Cullen’s and Brown’s Rossvales Legacy for Lekkerbek
VHC Lindsay’s Enrevyar Exceptional With Mezanda
Open Dog –  11
1 Carroll’s Int Ch Lyntova Legend Has It
2 Miles & Dean’s Neradmik Family Affair With Lekkerbek
3 Wadmore-Smith’s Ch Hunnivoles Woody Valentine JW
Res Wilkin’s Ch Pommary Quick Silver at Whizzkees
VHC Peck Matthews & Stewart’s Ch Klompens Who’s Your Daddy (Imp)
Veteran Dog Under 10 Yrs – 4  (1) 1 Passmore’s Am Gr Ch Trumpets It’s Good to be King  (Imp USA)
2 Brunt’s Ch. Zandvoort Dream Machine
3 Taylor’s Reesburg Ringleader
Veteran Dog Over 10 Years – 0
Breeders Open Dog – 3 (1)
1 Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt
2 Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog Storm
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog – 2 1 Atkinson’s Torrikees Who’s The Boss of Winklestar
 2 Lush’s Buchkees Love in the Mist
Minor Puppy Bitch – 5 1 Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep in the Back
2 Fitches’ Samoykees Exclusive Moon
3 Janssen’s Nofear Van Het Earslkamp
Res Tew’s Bargeway Quest for Fame
Puppy Bitch – 4 1 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Arum Lily
2 Bardsley’s Neradmik Ruby Slipper for Skathki
3 Atkinson’s Winklestar Countess
Res Clark’s Byquy Jazz for Kwajongen
Junior Bitch – 6 (1)
1 Shreeve’s Bargeway Peaches and Cream Gineter
2 Tew’s Bargeway Pumpkin Pie
3 Pattison’s Eastkees Silver Sixpence
Res Henman & Peterson’s Foxifayre Chasing Rainbows
VHC Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Slipper
Special Yearling Bitch – 5
1 Ransley’s Szaryk Flower Of The Prarie
2 Hattersley’s Torrikees Sea Breeze
3 Brown’s Rossvale Hidden Destiny
Res Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders
VHC Lindsay’s Mezanda Mai Starshine
Novice Bitch – 5 1 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Arum Lily
2 Torrikees Sea Breeze
3 Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees
Res Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders
VHC Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost An Angel
Under Graduate Bitch – 4
1 Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees
2 Newman’s Leazehond Moonlight Cascade
3 Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Slipper
Res Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sapphire
Post Graduate Bitch – 9
1 Sherlderon Summer Sparkle
2 Bargeway Nearly an Angel of Zandvoort
3 Szaryk Queen of the Night
Res Neradmik Pretty in Pink to Lowella
VHC Venway believe in Magic at Samoykees  (Imp NI)
Limit Bitch – 11   1 Hickson’s Kichigai Ups A Daisy ShCM
2 Stubbings’ Vandersee Wedding Belle
3 Bardsley’s Neradmik High Society at Skathki JW ShCM
Res Lloyd & Bannister’s Valindale Toot Toot Tootsie
VHC  Saunders’ Liefkees Angelika
Open Bitch – 7 1 Passmore’s Ch Torrikees Victoria’s Secret
2 Carroll’s Int. Ch. Lyntova Midnight Dream
3 White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania
Res Watson’s Pommary Elite N Klassic at Colpatron
VHC Gregory’s Ch Amikirs Bubblelicious JW
Veteran Bitch Under 10 Years – 6 (1) 1 Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition Sh. CM
2 Wadmore Smith’s Ch. Rossvale the Look of Love JW
3 Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
Res Saunders’ Ch. Liefkees Albertine
VHC Lush’s Zandvoort Heaven’s Dream for Ednaaron
Veteran Bitch Over 10 Years – 4 (3) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
Breeders Open Bitch – 5  (2) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
2 Saunders’ Liefkees Annabell
3 Wilson’s Gallowtree Me and My Gal
Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Bitch – 2(1) 1 Lush’s Zandvoort Heaven’s Dream for Ednaaron
 Brace  1 Fitches
2 Saunders
Team 1 Saunders

The Open Dog Class

12 APRIL, 2015

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the Keeshond Club for the wonderful invitation to judge their Club Championship Show. Thank you for the excellent pre-show correspondence and arrangements. I received a very warm and friendly welcome on arrival. My grateful thanks go to the hard working committee headed by Mrs Reed-Peck, Mrs Henman and Show Secretary Mrs Wilkin. We were also treated to a sumptuous luncheon very much enjoyed by all. I would also like to thank my able stewards Mrs Bannister and her son for their assistance in the ring.
My initial UK Keeshond appointment took place at Southern Counties Championship Show in 2010. I had a number of lovely quality dogs shown under me then and hence I was very much looking forward to judging the Club Championship Show. I was absolutely thrilled with the number of dogs – 110 – and we had very few absentees.
The breed continues to thrive in the UK and I had a number of top quality Kees shown under me. Both my BIS and Reserve BIS winners were bitches and they absolutely deserved these top places as they were of such outstanding type and quality. My BIS winner is an exceptional gem and one I will remember for a very long time to come.
Overall quality was very good and a good number of dogs were compact and typical. I saw a number of lovely heads and expressions. Color variation on the whole was good and most tails well carried and correctly set. Temperaments were delightful.
I would like to mention a few things which in my opinion need watching. I was sorry to see that there were a number of dogs with the unwanted tawny color in their coats. I also saw some with small, beady eyes and also some with eyes set too close and as a result the expression is somewhat alien. Only a handful had the correct brisk, straight movement of the breed which is a joy to see.
Thank you for a most interesting and happy day in the company of this lovely breed.

Kimokees Laughs N Run of Zaandvort (TAF), eight month old masculine puppy shown in excellent condition. Very nice type and proportions. Up to size. Pleasing head, medium eye, well set ears. Good bone, body and movement for age. Color a little bleak at the moment. Showed very well for age. Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Szaryk Amadeo’s All Shook Up, masculine puppy, has better size than 1. His coat could have been tidied up a little better for the show. Very nice head, lovely eye shape and color. Medium bone. Good body, but front needs more time and a little short stepping in front at the moment. Excellent tail.
Keitakees Friends of Ours

Cedarhills-Shamrock Foreign Correspondent Lyntova, 7,5 month old dog puppy with plenty to like about him. Excellent little showman. Lovely head qualities, excellent eye and expression, well set ears of correct shape. Nice bone. Needs a little more body. Very good tail set and carriage. Needs to settle a little in front movement, but side gait was very pleasing. Nice color variation.
Kichigai Luke Skywalker, 11 month old, also a nice puppy dog. Very good head, medium eye. His overall type and shape is good, but front needs more time. Well angulated rear. Very good coat quality and nice color variation. Moved well behind.
Gavimir Asterisk

JUNIOR DOG (2 – 1 abs.)
Bargeway Point Blank, 14 month old youngster alone in this class. Masculine dog not in full coat. Strong male head, dark eye. Nice bone. I would like this dog to have better carriage and he is a tad long in loin, further accentuated by lack of coat. Moves soundly enough, but could be a little more typical on the move.

Rossvale Destined to be with Neradmik, 22 month old young male of lovely breed type, but oh so plump! Excellent head with super dark eye of correct shape giving lovely, typical expression. Correct ear shape. Lovely bone. Shown in excellent coat condition and with very good color variation. Moves well behind, but his front movement suffered from the extra weight. Plenty of quality, just needs a strict diet!
Mezanda Madog’s Storm, typical young male with good head shape, but needs darker eye to give better expression. Very good neck. Reasonable body and rear, but moves a little close behind. A little down on his pasterns.

Kimokees Laughs N Run of Zandvoort (TAF), winner of the Minor Puppy Dog class.
Gavimir Asterisk, almost 10 months old male of lovely breed type. A little shy to start off with, but soon settled. Super head shape, lovely dark eye, shape could be a little better. Correct coat quality and very good color variation. Has many qualities, but his hind movement let him down. Only young and I am sure he will improve in this respect.

Winklestar Hadar, two year old very beautiful young male who did his best to give his handler a tough time in the ring. Extrovert showman, full of himself. Lovely type and proportions. Super coat quality and color variation. Carries himself extremely well. Excellent head shape, but his eyes are a little close set. Very neat ears. Excellent body, correct angulation, very good tail set and carriage. Excelled on the move with typical brisk, sound movement.
Neradmik Boy Next Door, two year old strong, masculine male of very nice type. Very good head, excellent dark eye. Soundly made and thus stands very correctly and also moves well. Beautiful coat of correct quality.
Rossvale Master of Destiny for Esorkees
LIMIT DOG (11) – this was a very difficult class to judge.
Neradmik Help the Hero at Maldine, three year old masculine male of excellent type. Super, correctly moulded head, very good eye and expression, neat ears. Quality bone. Excellent neck, well-made body and quarters. Sound, accurate mover. Super coat and color variation. Plenty to like about this dog.
Neradmik All About the Boy for Watchkees ShCM JW, two year old, very shapely, promising young dog. Very nice head, eye is dark, but a little round and this gives him a “babyface” expression. Super ears. He is very well put together and carries himself extremely well. Good coat texture, but his tail was very short of coat.
Leazehond Lightning Bolt
Int CH Lyntova Legend Has It (IKC), three year old top quality male shown in excellent order and cleverly handled. A very impressive male of lovely breed type. Shown in excellent muscle tone. I liked him tremendously for his carriage, type and proportions. Head of excellent shape, very lovely expression, neat, well carried ears. He is very correctly made and excels in bone, body, quarters and movement. To be hypercritical I felt he could have carried a little less coat and this is where he had to bow to the two outstanding females. CC and Best Opposite Sex in Show
Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek, two year old, extremely beautiful young male of the highest order. Shown in super condition. Delightful temperament. Beautiful head shape, eye is dark, but just a touch round. Wonderful ear shape and set. Has the breed’s proud carriage. Good quality jacket and excellent color variation. My first and second were of absolute top quality. Res CC
CH. Hunnivoles Woody Valentine JW

AM Gr CH Trumpet’s It’s Good to be King (Imp USA), seven year old lovely quality veteran dog in outstanding order. Strong well shaped head, dark eye giving excellent expression. Quality bone. Super body and quarters which he used very well on the move. Very nice color variation in his coat. Best Veteran in Show
CH. Zaandvort Dream Machine, seven year old male shown in light body condition. Very nice head, medium eye. His coat quality is good, but color could be clearer and better.
Reesburg Ringleader

BREEDERS DOG (3-1 abs.)
Leazehond Lightning Bolt, third in Limit Dog. Strong, masculine male. Good head shape, but ears are a little wide set and he could use them better. Compact dog who moved well.
Mezanda Madog’s Storm, second in Special Yearling dog – please see notes above.

Torrikees Who’s the Boss of Winklestar, tall dog of very nice type. Good head, medium eye. Well-made and moved soundly. Good color variation.
Buchkees Love in the Mist, unplaced in Limit Dog. I would prefer definitely better coat color as he is very brown. Good temperament. Moved well. Would like better dentition.

Keitakees Asleep in the Back, seven month old most charming, feminine puppy. Shown in lovely condition. Very good type and outline. Beautiful, feminine head, very good eye and expression. Soundly made and moved extremely well for one so young. Excellent color variation. Shows a lot of promise, no dog is perfect and her slight “if” went against her in my choice for best bitch puppy.
Samoykees Exclusive Moon, feminine puppy, but a little long cast at the moment. Very nice head, ears a little large at the moment, but she will probably grow into them. Pretty dark eye giving good expression. Front needs time and front movement needs to settle.
Nofear van het Earlskamp

Gavimir Arum Lily, started off the wrong foot, but settled down quickly. 11 month old delightful feminine puppy of lovely breed type and proportions. Exquisite head, very good expression. Well set ears, just a tad large at the moment. Very well bodied for age. Sound quarters which she used very well on the move. Lovely coat and excellent color variation. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show
Neradmik Ruby Slipper for Skathki, almost twelve months, pretty puppy, nice head, but would like better eye shape. Super coat and color variation. Good body, but at the moment needs to improve in front and strengthen up behind.
Winklestar Countess

JUNIOR BITCH (6-1 abs.)
Bargeway Peaches and Cream Gineter, 15 month old junior bitch with plenty to like about her. Strong and well made, yet feminine. Has a most pleasing outline. Beautiful head shape, excellent expression. Ears just a little on the large side. Excellent neck, enough body for age. Would like slightly tighter tail. Excellent mover.
Bargeway Pumpkin Pie, 14 month old junior bitch, very similar to first, but does not have the color of Peaches and Cream. Very soundly built. Pleasing head with lovely eye and expression. Good bone. Sound on the move.
Eastkees Silver Sixpence

Szaryk Flower of the Prairie, two year old compact, feminine, very typical bitch. Beautiful head shape, but would prefer slightly larger eye which could also be a little darker in color. Sound construction, excellent quarters and very good mover. Lovely temperament.
Torrikees Sea Breeze,19 month old, she is also a very beautiful young bitch. Lovely type. Excellent head, but ears a little on the large side and she could use them better. Very nice body and sound quarters. Nice mover.
Rossvale Hidden Destiny
Gavimir Arum Lily, winner of Puppy Bitch, please see notes above. I really could not take my eyes off her most beautiful head.
Torrikees Sea Breeze, second in Special Yearling Bitch, please see notes above.
Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees
Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees, third in Novice Bitch, 14 months old, she is nice for type, but would like to see much better tail carriage. Pretty, feminine head, lovely eye and expression. Well bodied, but would like better front. Moved well. Good color variation.
Leazehond Moondust Cascade, four year old bitch a little on the heavy side. Strong head. Good bone. She is a little long cast. Good tail.
Whizzkees Ebony Slipper
POST GRADUATE BITCH (9-1 abs.) – another rather difficult class to judge
Shelderon Summer Sparkle, 22 month old bitch of correct breed type. A very honest bitch, who her owner could show to better advantage. Compact and pleasing overall shape. Very good head, eye slightly small. Tail carriage good enough. Nice color variation. To start off with, dog and handler seemed to travel two different paths on the move as there was no contact between the two. With a little guidance this was soon remedied and then the equipage looked so much better moving round the ring!
Bargeway Nearly an Angel of Zaandvort, almost two and half year old bitch, who I would like with better color. Good outline and well-made body. A little strong in head, but has excellent eye shape. Tail just OK, but ideally should be tighter.
Szaryk Queen of the Night
Kichigai Ups a Daisy ShCM, a little over three years old, very beautiful type of bitch, but shown in rather plump condition. Her type and outline are excellent. Very lovely head, good eye and expression. Nice bone. Very well carried tail. Good coat texture and color variation. Despite being a little overweight, she still moved very well.
Vandersee Wedding Belle, coming up four years. A very feminine bitch of lovely breed type and proportions. Very much out of coat, but the little she had was in excellent order. Feminine lovely head with excellent eye and expression. Good side movement. Very good color variation. Has quality – now needs a new coat.
Neradmik High Society at Skathki JW ShCM
OPEN BITCH (7) – the best in this class were simply outstanding!
CH. Torrikees Victoria’s Secret, what a little gem she is! I loved her the moment she walked into the ring. A stunningly beautiful Keeshond female of outstanding breed type shown in immaculate condition. Sound as a bell and so completely balanced. Feminine from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Such a sweet feminine head and expression, ears spot on. Looked a picture standing, but really excelled on the move – she has the wonderful brisk true movement of the breed. Lovely color variation. Absolutely delighted to award her the CC and Best in Show. She also won Best Mover in Show.
Int CH Lyntova Midnight Dream (IKC), also outstanding with many lovely qualities. Feminine, top quality bitch of lovely breed type and balance. Shown in top form and very well handled. Very correct standing. Her head shape is lovely, she has super dark eyes, only shape could be a little better. Compact, sound and steady mover. 1 & 2 are two absolutely gorgeous breed representatives. I see Midnight Dream is a full sister to my dog CC winner. Res CC and Reserve Best in Show
Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania
Plymkees Limited Edition ShCM, nine year old delightful veteran who carried her years lightly. Very lovely type. Shown in excellent condition. Very nice head. Very well put together and an excellent mover for her age.
CH. Rossvale the Look of Love JW, shown in a wealth of coat due to having been neutered. Pretty head with eye dark enough. Ample body, very good bone. Moved well.
Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
Mezanda Teacher’s Pet, a very sprightly, almost thirteen year old true veteran. In amazing condition for her age and enjoying her day out. Pretty feminine head and lovely dark eye. Good bone. Looked very nice standing. Good color variation. Her owner has every reason to be very proud of this lovely veteran.

Mezanda Teacher’s Pet, winner of Veteran Bitch over 10 years – please see notes above.
Liefkees Annabell, four year old bitch with very nice temperament. A little long cast. Has lost a front tooth, but dentition on the whole could be better.
Gallowtree Me and My Gal
Zaandvort Heaven’s Dream for Ednaaron, VHC in Veteran Bitch, eight and a half year old bitch. A little long cast and would like her more compact. Nice head, medium eye. Would like a better front on her. Moved well for age.

BRACE (2 )
Samoykees Exclusive Moon & Venway Believe in Magic at Samoykees (Imp NL), very well matched brace and very well schooled to put a very good performance.
Liefkees Angelika and ? – could not quite match the performance of the winners
TEAM (2-1)
Miss Saunders’ team

Elina Haapaniemi

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