2014 April Championship Show

West Hall, Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park,

  Saturday 12th April 2014

 Judge – Mr Keith Nathan (Supernova)

Best of Breed   Peck, Matthews’ & Stewart’s Klompen’s Who’s Your Daddy (Imp CAN)
Reserve Best of Breed   Sharp Bale’s Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry
Dog CC   Peck, Matthews’ & Stewart’s Klompen’s Who’s Your Daddy (Imp CAN)
Reserve Dog CC   Sharp Bale’s Ch Neradmik Handsome Hero
Bitch CC   Sharp Bale’s Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry
Reserve Bitch CC   Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious
Best Veteran   Peck’s Valindale Ch. Fixed Assets for Byquy
Best Puppy   Ransley’s Szaryk Flower of The Prarie
Minor Puppy Dog – 1 1 Sharp Bale’s Rossvale Destined To Be
Puppy Dog – 2  (1) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
Junior Dog   2  (1) 1 Harris’ Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees (TAF)
Special Yearling Dog – 3 1 Newmans’ Leazehond Lightning Bolt
2 Miles, Cullen & Brown’s Rossvales Legacy for Lekkerbek
3 Edwards’ Torrikees Van Heusen
Novice Dog – 1 1 Palmer’s Rossvale Captain Butler at Shelderon
Under Graduate Dog – 1 1 Palmer’s Rossvale Captain Butler at Shelderon
Post Graduate Dog – 6 1 Miles & Dean’s Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek
2 Eggleston’s Bert Von Ricara
3 Waller’s Brykin Big Chief
Res Edwards’ Torrikees Van Heusen
VHC Pattison’s Eastkees Time Lord
Limit Dog – 11  (1) 1 Peck, Matthews’ & Stewart’s Klompen’s Who’s Your Daddy (Imp CAN)
2 Tew’s Bargeway Keen To Rumble
3 Miles & Cullen’s Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek
Res Newmans’ Leazehond Lightning Bolt
VHC Brunt’s Sueacres Iced Diamond of Zandvoort
Open Dog – 8  (1) 1 Sharp Bale’s Ch Neradmik Handsome Hero
2 Hopkins’ Fr Ch Helkeesen Regal Surfer among Serenaubach JW ShCM
3 Blankenship’s Am Gch Ch Trumpet’s It’s Good To Be King (Imp USA)
Res Wadmore Smith’s Ch Hunnivoles Woody Valentine JW
VHC Matthews’ Pommary Ruff N Ready at Valindale
Veteran Dog Under 10 Yrs – 5  (2) 1 Peck’s Valindale Fixed Assets for Byquy
2 Bennett & Savage’s Ch Thorsdale Trade Mark
3 Matthews’ Ch Aust Ch Calivale What The Valindale (Imp AUS)
Veteran Dog Over 10 Years – 1 1 Bell’s Ffyniant Sugardaddy Allforus ShCM
Breeders Open Dog – 4
1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
2 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Checkmate
3 Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM
Res Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sampson
Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog – 2 1 Lush’s Buchkees Love In The Mist
Minor Puppy Bitch – 3 1 Ransley’s Szaryk Flower Of The Prarie
2 Brown’s Rossvale Hidden Destiny
3 Ransley’s Keesridge FaithTrustNPixieDust (Imp CAN)
Puppy Bitch – 4  (1) 1 Brunt’s Sueacres Platignum Diamond Of Zandvoort
2 Lindsay’s Mezanda Mai Starshine
3 Atherton’s Shelderon Summer Special
Junior Bitch – 4
1 Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious
2 Carter’s Amikirs Bucks Fizz Of Almraglic
3 Tew’s Bargeway Neat And Tidy
Res Bardsley’s Neradmik High Society at Skathki
Special Yearling Bitch – 3 (1)
1 Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious
2 Marfleet’s Flatmeer Fleurette
Novice Bitch – 4  (1) 1 Brunt’s Sueacres Platignum Diamond of Zandvoort
2 Brown’s Rossvale Hidden Destiny
3 Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost An Angel
Under Graduate Bitch – 2
1 Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade
2 Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sapphire
Post Graduate Bitch – 4  (1)
1 White’s Neradmik Meant To Be with Whitchakees
2 Fitches’ Venway Believe In Magic at Samoykees (Nl Imp)
3 Pattison’s Eastkees Whoop’s A Daisy
Limit Bitch – 11  (2)  1 WD 1 White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania
2 Saunders’ Liefkees Angelika
3 Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret
Res Lloyd & Bannister’s Valindale Toot Toot Tootsie
VHC Watson’s Pommary Elite N’klassic at Colpatron
Open Bitch – 6  (3) 1 Sharp Bale’s Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry
2 Pattison’s Eastkees Timeless Love
3 Hill’s Pommary Tallulah Lo at Plymkees ShCM
Veteran Bitch Under 10 Years – 8  (3) 1 Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
2 Saunders’ Ch Liefkees Albertine
3 Waller’s Brykin Bandora
Res Lush’s Zandvoort Heaven’s Dream For Ednaaron
VHC Wadmore-Smith’s Ch Rossvale The Look Of Love JW
Veteran Bitch Over 10 Years – 5  (2) 1 Sharp Bale’s Ch Sturtmoor Crazy For Neradmik (Imp USA)
2 Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
3 Henman & Peterson’s Ch Foxifayre Solitaire with Valindale JW
Breeders Open Bitch – 5  (1) 1 Hickson’s Kichigai Ups A Daisy
2 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan
3 Saunders’ Liefkees Annabell
Res Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition ShCM
Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Bitch – 3(1) 1 Lock’s Ednaaron Buttercup
2 Lush’s Zandvoort Heaven’s Dream for Ednaaron
Brace – 4  (2) 1


2 Hopkins’
Team – 3  (1) 1 Saunders’
2 Lindsay’s
The Keeshond Club Championship Show – 12th April 2014  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hardworking Committee for the honour of judging their show, and to the very sporting exhibitors who made my job a very pleasant one.  The show was very well supported with an entry of 112, and the ring was plenty big enough.Minor Puppy Dog (1)1   Sharp Bale’s Rossvale Destined To Be, 8 mts, well grown youngster, quality coat for one so young.  Handsome head with well shaped dark eye.  Good front & rear angles, well marked.  Lots of potential for the future. 

Puppy dog (2)

1   Lindsay’s Mezanda Madogs Storm, Free moving, sound, 11 mts of good size. Correct outline, coat just on the way out.  Balanced skull and muzzle, well shaped eye with good spectacles , correct front with forechest. Good rib and level topline and well set tail, just need a bit of time. Best Puppy Dog.


Junior dog (2)

1   Harris’ Neradmik All about the Boy for Watchkees TAF. Good for size and balance with attractive head, super eye, good neck, well shaped rib with well laid shoulder, strong well made rear,  well boned legs, harness markings just starting to show, stylish mover.


Special Yearling (3)

1   Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt, Beautifully balanced boy of good size and outline.  Lovely masculine head, dark well shaped and placed eye, super correct front with forechest, deep rib, level topline and correct tail. Well made and muscled rear, sound both ways.  A really lovely prospect for the future, just would like him to use his ears better, but I am sure that will come.

2   Miles, Cullen & Brown’s Rossvales Legacy for Lekkerbek,good for size and substance, attractive head, dark eye, used his ears well, correct in shoulder, deep rib well made and sound rear in very full coat, very stylish.

3   Edwards’ Torrikees Van Heusen, good colour and right for size, attractive head, needs to firm up in movement, harness markings just coming in.  With training could do much better.


Novice dog (1)

1   Palmer’s Rossvale Captain Butler at Shelderon, he is of correct size, good colour with correct undercoat, masculine and attractive head with super eye and expression, clear spectacles, good rib and topline, sound rear and well set tail, hard muscled all through.


Post Grad dog(6)

1   Miles & Dean’s Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek, impressive dog of good size and substance, well proportioned all through, correct markings and correct colour, handsome head with dark well shaped eye and good spectacles, very well put tighter all through, sound when he eventually settled.

2   Eggleston’s Bert Von Ricara, not much between these two dogs, grand dark grey colour with good undercoat and nice harness markings, masculine head, dark eye, super rib and topline, sound when we persevered with moving him, really lovely boy.

3   Waller’s Brykin Big Chief, Balanced in skull and muzzle, dark and well placed eye, level topline, good rib, well angulated front and rear, good coat texture.


Limit dog  (8)

1   Peck Matthews & Stewart’s Klompens Who’s your Daddy, so sound and precise both coming and going, this boy is dead right For size and balance, all shades of grey with correct harness markings, really scored in head, dark eye and lovely expression, well placed and shaped ears, so well put together, proper forechest, grand rib and topline, harsh coat, what more could you ask?  Oh yes, moved so soundly and stylishly, joy to watch.  CC & BOB.

2   Tew’s Bargeway Keen to Rumble, loved his colour and markings, masculine “foxy” head, super eye, good neck and topline with well set tail, sound and brisk on the move from his correct conformation, a lovely dog.

3   Miles & Cullen’s Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek, up to size dog, full of himself today, well balanced and compact, correctly proportioned head, balanced shoulder & upper arm, strong rib and good topline.sound well made rear.


Open dog (8)

1   Sharp Bales Ch Neradmik Handsome Hero, and he is a handsome dog, masculine head, correctly shaped and placed eye of good colour, he is right up to size, nicely compact, of good colour and beautifully marked and harsh texture, well built front and rear, correct rib and topline, well set tail, sound and stylish.  Res CC

2   Hopkins’ Helkeesen Regal Surfer Among Serenaubach, Loved his colour and markings, well shaped “foxy” head with good eye.  Well laid shoulder, good rib, level topline, good sound rear.

3   Blankenship’s Am GCh Trumpet’s it’s Good to be King, he is good for size and outline, “foxy” head, good in neck and topline, well marked and of correct colour, just not settled today.

Junior Vet Dog (5)

1   Peck’s Valindale Fixed Assets for Byquy, super “foxy” head, balanced in skull and muzzle, beautiful eye and good ears, super  outline from his correct neck, topline, and tailset, text book conformation, seen in his sound and brisk movement, good harsh coat of correct colour with lovely harness markings.

2   Bennett & Savage’s Ch Thorsdale Trademark, compact dog of correct size and colour, he is well marked with an attractive head and dark eye, well put together overall and nicely sound.

3   Matthews’ Eng & Aust  Ch Calivale What The Valindale, Lovely size, compact and balanced, good colour, masculine head, dark eye, excelled in upper arm, rib and sound rear, in full coat.

Sen Vet Dog (1)

1   Bell’s Ffyniant Sugardaddy Allforus ShCM, beautifully built dog with a super front and correct forechest, good moderate rear angulation, attractive head with lovely eye and expression, correct for size and  nicely compact, he is of good colour and sound on the move.

Breeder’s dog (4)

1   Lindsay’s Mezanda Madogs Storm

2   Luckhurst’s Gavimir Checkmate, lovely size boy, excellent coat colour with good harness markings, “foxy” head with well placed dark eye, well angulated front and rear, good rib and level topline with well set tail, stylish mover.

3   Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM, Scored in size, colour and head, grand neck and topline with well set tail, harsh coat.


Good Citizen dog  (2)

1   Lush’s Buchkees Love in the Mist, good for size and colour, just a bit unsteady in front today, but well angulated front and rear, masculine head with good dark eye, harsh coat.





Minor Puppy Bitch (3)  three beautiful puppies who could change places on another day.

1   Ransley’s Szaryk Flower of the Prarie, she has a wonderful head, eye and ear, full of character and  a super temperament, so well made through out and sound when she settled down, correct front and rear angles with just the right amount of forechest, her colour is correct and I just loved her.  BPIS

2   Brown’s Rossvale Hidden Destiny, such an adorable 9 mts baby with an outstanding head , eye and expression, she is correct for size and balance, only losing out today on coat colour, which will no doubt change with her age and first real moult, I consider that she has so much to like about her and must have a bright future, would like to see her again in a year.

3   Ransley’s Keesridge FaithTrustNPixieDust TAF (Imp Can), lovely bitch who was not in any way disgraced by coming third today, has many of the same virtues as the other two but just not so tidy in front however fronts tighten with age and exercise and I am sure she will improve in that department as she has so much else to like about her.

Puppy Bitch (4)

1   Brunt’s Sueacres Platignum Diamond of Zandvoort, very pretty bitch, exquisite head and eye, good neck and topline with well set tail, correct coat texture, well marked, stylish on the move, well built throughout.

2   Lindsay’s Mezanda Mia Starshine, beautiful girl, so well balanced and of good size, lovely colour, well marked, most attractive and feminine head with good neck, topline , well made rear.

3   Atherton’s Shelderon Summer Special, Very pretty head with lovely dark eye and expression, everything to like but she just needs time to develop.

Junior Bitch (4)

1   Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious, she has the most beautiful typical feminine head, super eye and expression, well placed ear, she is of the correct size, so well proportioned through out, in good coat with proper markings, her outline is textbook and she is so sound from her correct conformation.  Res CC

2   Carter’s Amikirs Bucks Fizz of Almraglic, really pretty bitch with a super feminine head with a dark well shaped eye, she is of good size and has a coat of good colour, just not quite as steady on the move today as I would have liked.

3   Tew’s Bargeway Neat and Tidy, excelled in head, eye and expression, correct size and substance, good rib and level topline, just not moving well in front today.

Special Yearling (3)

1   Gregory’s Amikirs Bubblelicious

2   Marfleet’s Flatmeer Fleurette, good size bitch with an attractive head and well shaped eye, well laid shoulder, correct rib, well angulated and sound rear, well marked and good colour.

Novice Bitch (4)

1   Brunt’s Sueacres Platignum Diamond of Zandvoort

2   Brown’s Rossvale Hidden Destiny

3   Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost an Angel, of correct size although a little lengthy, Lovely dark eye, but unsteady both ways, needs time.

Undergraduate Bitch (4)

1   Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade, pretty bitch of good size and balance, Scored in neck and topline, with well set tail, well enough made overall nicely sound just not “grey enough” for me at the moment.

2   Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sapphire, lovely colour with good harness markings, unfortunately her  eye shape spoils her expression, she is sound in the rear but not in the front.

Post Grad Bitch (4)

1   White’s Neradmik Meant To Be With Whitchakees, right  up to size but compact bitch with very pretty head, eye and expression with grand specs, sound both ways from her correct conformation, great colour and markings.

2   Fitches’ Venway Believe in Magic at Samoykees, lovely feminine head and excellent eye, she is of good size but not quite as compact as I would like, beautifully put together and sound both ways, good colour too.

3   Pattison’s Eastkees Whoop’s a Daisy.

Limit Bitch (11)

1   White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania, Lovely typical feminine head, correct eye shape and colour, grand outline, well angulated front and rear, she is of good size and nicely compact and with a good “all shades of grey” colour, sound and stylish on the move and with the correct coat texture.

2   Saunders Liefkees Angelika, medium size bitch but just a touch lengthy, but has excellent coat colour and markings, super head with good eye, well angled both front and rear and sound both ways.

3   Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret

Open Bitch (6)

1   Sharp Bales Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry, brisk, fluid and sound, she is a picture standing and on the move.  Good size, well proportioned all through, excelled in head, eye and expression, so typical in outline, well made and placed front, correct rib and well made rear.  CC

2   Pattison’s Eastkees Timeless Love, excelled in head, eye and expression, slightly deep in rib, putting her front out just a little., good topline, well set tail and sound rear.

3   Hill’s Pommary Tallulah Lo at Plymkees ShCM,


Jun Vet Bitch (8)

1   Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight, correct for colour, well marked, good size and proportions, she has a super feminine head, correct eye and expression, so well put together front and rear, sound and stylish, a lovely mature bitch.

2   Saunders’ Ch Liefkees Albertine, she has it all, except coat!, super feminine head and expression, beautiful dark eye and lovely expression, correctly built as seen in her soundness.

3   Waller’s Brykin Bandora


Sen Vet Bitch (5)

1   Sharp Bales Ch Sturtmoor Crazy for Neradmik, one of the best bitch heads here today, eye and expression just right, well made in front but that extra depth of rib is just putting her out on the move, sound in rear, grand coat, colour and markings.

2   Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet, very fluid and brisk on the move, exquisite head and expression, she is a good size but a little lengthy, beautiful coat colour and markings.

3   Henman & Pattison’s Ch Foxifayre Solitaire with Valindale,

Breeders Bitch (4)

1   Hickson’s Kichigai Ups a Daisy, Super pretty bitch who excelled in head and eye, well balanced of correct size and substance, and so well marked. Correct in front and rear but the extra weight she is carrying does her no favours.

2   Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan, well balanced in head with an excellent eye, good neck but topline not a level as it should be, good angles front and rear, great colour and markings, sound and stylish.

3   Saunders’ Liefkees Annabell.

Good Citizen bitch (3)

1   Lock’s Ednaaron Buttercup, very pretty and feminine bitch with a lovely eye, correct for size and with good proportions, and well put together, she is a grand colour and has good markings, stylish mover.

2   Lush’s Zandvoort Heaven’s Dream for Ednaaron, super colour and marking, good size and substance, well placed shoulder, and a correct moderate rear bit unsteady on the move today.


Keith Nathan

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