2017 April Championship Show

  April Championship Show

Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh

8th April 2017

Liz Cartledge

Left to right – Best in Show, Reserve Best in Show, Best Veteran, Best Puppy


Best of Breed Harris Ch Neradmik All About the Boy for Watchkees SH CM
Reserve Best of Breed Sharp-Bale Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry
Dog CC Harris Ch. Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees SH CM 
Reserve Dog CC Peck and Matthews Byquy Workin Boots
Best Puppy Dog Christophers Neradmik Canache at Bisukees
Bitch CC Sharp-Bale Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry
Reserve Bitch CC Atkinson & Matthews Winklestar Anthe With Valindale
Best Puppy Bitch Passmore Torrikees Lust for Life
Best Veteran Peck Matthews and Ransley Ch. Wund-R Y Workin For A Livin at Szaryk
Minor Puppy Dog – 5   1





Christophers’ Neradmik Canache at Bisukees

Matthews’ & Ransley’s Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster With Valindale

Mc Beath’s Samoykees Fly Me To the Moon

Brunt’s Zandvoort Mr Bond

Wilkes’ Dakaraikees Haristotle

Puppy Dog – 3   1



Harris’s Neradmik Carry Grant for Watchkeees (Imp Can)

Bell’s Allforus Heart Throb (AI)

King’s Allforus Terrific Turtle (AI)

Junior Dog – 3   1



Peck & Matthew’s  Byquy Workin Boots

Brunt’s Zandvoort Purrsonal Life (AI)

Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower (AI)

Special Yearling Dog – 3   1



Amikirs Lord of the Bubbles

Neradmik Kiss Chase with Lekkerbek

Williams’ Mezanda Master of Secrets At Druitz

Novice Dog – 1   1 Brunt’s Zandvoort Mr Bond
Post Graduate Dog  – 3   1



Hickson’s Kichigai Only The Lonley

Waller’s Brykin Big Chief

Bowden-Roche’s  Bargeway Point Blank

Limit Dog – 10   1





Bennet’s Byquy Rich Gent

Davies’ Neradmik Over The Rainbow at kyross

Baker’s Neradmik Boy Next Door

Stassen’s No Limit Van Het Earlskamp

Atkinson & Peck’s Byquy Will You Be Rich

Open Dog – 3   1



Harris’s Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees JW ShCM

Miles & Dean’s Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek

Andrews’ Neradmik Daddy Dear with Maldine

Veteran Dog under 10 yrs – 5    1





Peck, Matthews’ and Ransley’s Ch. Wund-R Y Workin For A Livin at Szaryk

Atkinson’s Torrikees Who’s The Boss of Winklestar

Brunt’s Ch. Zandvoort Dream Machine

Wilkin’s Ch. Pommary Quick Silver at Whizzkees

Wilkes’ Helkeesen Surfin At Dakaraikees

Veteran Dog over 10 yrs – 0    
Breeder’s Open Dog – 3    1



Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt

Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower

Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM

Not Bred by Exhibitor – 5   1




Miles’ Cullen’s & Brown’s Ch. Rossvale’s Legacy for Lekkerbek

Rose’s Ch. Rossvale Master of Destiny For Esorkees

Williams’ Ch. Mezanda Master of Secrets at Druitz

Bowden-Roche’s Bargeway Point Blank

Good Citizen Dog – 0    




Minor Puppy Bitch – 5   1




White’s Neradmik Vanilla Ice Morvania

Brunt’s Zandvoort Ursula Andress

Palmer’s Shelderon Super Stella

Wilkes’ Dakaraikees Silver Charm

Puppy Bitch – 2   1


Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Grace Kelly

Marshall’s Torrikees Made In Heaven

Junior Bitch – 9   1





Passmore’s Torrikees Lust for Life

Janssen & Stassen’s Osiris Shining Bright Von Het Earlskamp

Reed’s Byquy Walkin Boots

Redler & Wheatley’s Byquy Kinky Boots at Keitakees

Waller’s Bargeway That’s my Girl

Special Yearling Bitch – 1    1 Hickson’s Kichigai Magic Dancer
Novice Bitch – 2    1


Zandvoort Ursula Andress

Carter’s Amikirs Bucks Fizz of Almraglic

Post Graduate Bitch – 9   1





Hattersley’s Torrikees Sea Breeze

Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep In The Back

Schultz’s Neradmik Kiss Me Kate to Skydust

Palmer’s Shelderon Sugar And Spice

Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Slipper

Limit Bitch – 9    1





Janssen & Stassen’s No Fear Van Het Earlskamp

White’s Neradmik Dear Darling of Whitchakees

Fitches’ Samoykees Exclusive Moon

Tew’s Bargeway Pumpkin Pie

Palmer’s Shelderon Summer Sparkle

Open Bitch – 10    1





Sharp-Bale’s Ch. Neradmik Miss Holly Berry

Atkinson & Matthews’ Winklestar Anthe with Valindale NAF TAF

Austin & Johnston’s Chotahkees Don’t Stop Me Now

Brunt’s Ch. Vanstrand Quantum of Solace

Passmore’s Ch. Torrikees Victoria’s Secret

Veteran Bitch under 10 yrs – 2    1


Sharp-Bale’s Ch. Neradmik Chanel 

Passmore’s Torrikees American Affair (AI)

Veteran Bitch over 10 yrs – 4   1


Passmore’s Torrikees With Attitude

Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition ShCM

Breeder’s Open Bitch – 4   1


Palmer’s Shelderon Super Stella

Palmer’s Shelderon Sugar And Spice

Not Bred by Exhibitor – 4   1


White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania

Bowden-Roche’s Bargeway Sweet Revenge

Good Citizen Bitch    
Brace – 1    1 Janssen & Stassen’s Brace



8TH APRIL 2017



The Keeshond Club held a 31 class Championship Show at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh, with a numerically strong entry of 106 from 93 dogs.   

I can’t believe it is 17 years ago I judged at the Clubs truly special weekend event but they had the DVD to prove it! I kept glancing at the screen at the Keeshond Club Shop, enjoying going down memory lane but also reflecting on how many people we have lost in that time. I recall vividly the great atmosphere and also how hot it was. I was also a lot slimmer and 17 years younger! It is not possible to create the same atmosphere at the Kennel Club Building but Keeshonds are naturally happy dogs who engage well with their owners (especially if there is a treat involved!) At times they can be a bit vocal which is not great in an ‘echo-y’ hall. Constant feeding has crept into this breed, as well as many others, can I just say it is not necessary to be feeding your dog the whole time he/she is in the ring. Train your dog at home with rewards in order to get an alert response. But once you are in the ring just use a few little treats which can be given once the judge has gone over the dog. My pet hate is the handler who, just as you are about to look in the dogs mouth, decides to give the dog a piece of chicken, liver or cheese! Apart from having to wait for the dog to finish chewing, he/she is now hoping there may be more food coming their way so is not fully coordinated when moving, looking up at his owner and not getting into the desired brisk, straight gait.

I thought that some of the dog classes were quite difficult; size was certainly up and down the scale. There were some well up to size, also a few that weren’t masculine enough; others a bit short on the leg and also some too long in the body. Presentation in most was good, temperaments as always marvellous. Some were standing a bit flat footed, lazy in front movement and a bit soft in condition. There is no excuse now that spring is here so get your dogs’ fit, active and well muscled – they will put up with plenty of exercise.

This club is very lucky to have talented people in the kitchen and we were treated to a good choice of menu, enjoyed by all. I had two ace stewards who kept me on the straight and narrow with a nice bit of banter between us,

Thank you for having me, I enjoyed the whole day enormously.

Best in Show was Ch Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees, JW, ShCM; RBIS & BOS Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry; BP Torrikees Lust For Life; RBP Neradmik Canache at Bisukees; BV Wund-Ry Working for A Livin at Szaryk and RBV Ch Neradmik Chanel.

Quite an interesting family affair now I have had time to read the catalogue. The two CC winners have the same sire; the veteran bitch is the dam of the bitch CC winner who in turn is the dam of the best puppy dog.

Throughout the dog classes there was just one single dog absent – more absentees in the bitches with seasons and coat shedding. 


MPD 5 – 0

1st BPD Cristopher’s Neradmik Canache at Bisukees  7 ½ months, I hope he has done his growing early, masculine and self-assured. He took a bit of time to get into step, a happy and positive character, good head, needs to grow into his ears, correct coat, well proportioned; deep brisker, well handled.

2nd  Matthews’ Szaryk Dutch Bargemaster with Valindale, just 6 months, you could not help but fall for this one! Lovely silhouette – as yet in miniature – a real poser gazing up at his handler. Quality head, shiny dark eyes, good body and tail set, trotted his stuff totally relaxed. Still has a lot of puppy fluff, just needs to grow on. Utterly charming and he knew it! Sired by the best veteran.

3rd McBeath’s Samoykees Fly Me To The Moon.

PD 3 – 0

1st Harris’ Neradmik Cary Grant for Watchkees (Imp CAN) 10 months, comfortable winner, on his toes, well proportioned , attractive head, intelligent expression,  good coat and body, alert showman, moved well behind but toed in a little coming towards me.

2nd Bell’s Allforus Heart Throb, nearly a year, good head and eyes, plenty of coat, good body and ribs, showed with enthusiasm standing but a bit lazy on the move and not reaching out in front very much.        

3rd King’s Allforus Terrific Turtle, litter brother to 2nd.

JD 3 – 0

1st RCC Peck & Matthew’s Byquy Workin Boots, yearling dog in very good form, lovely head, keen expression, excellent outline and overall proportions. Good coat and ruff, high set tail, firm body, conditioned well, easy mover, happy showman, very well handled.  I see he is by today’s best veteran, excellent potential.

2nd Brunt’s Zandvoort Purrsonal Life, 15 months, quality youngster. I preferred the head and expression of 1st. Compact body, harsh jacket, well set and carried tail, splendid coat and condition, accurate mover.

3rd Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower, 17 months, not in full coat moved OK. A little plain in head.

SYD 3 – 0

1st Fusco’s Amikirs Lord Of The Bubbles, 20 months, rather fond of his own voice today, quality head, dark expressive eyes, fluent brisk mover, good coat and body, tight tail, alert showman.

2nd Miles, Dean & Isles’ Neradmik Kiss Chase with Lekkerbek, 22 months, handsome youngster with masculine head and outlook, used his neck to advantage, well groomed and conditioned, high set tail, well proportioned. Just needs to firm up in front movement which was just a bit lazy today. Out of the bitch CC winner by my 2nd in Open Dog. 

3rd Williams’ Mezanda Master of Secrets at Druitz.

ND 1 – 0

1st Brunt’s Zandvoort Mr Bond. Not a bad mover, this 7 month puppy, showed very well, just looked a bit stuffy in neck standing.

PGD 3 – 0

1st Hickson’s Kichigai’s Only The Lonley, 22 months, pretty dog, beautifully proportioned, great silhouette when he concentrated! Tended to pace and prance about but settled down to move properly long enough to win this class.

2nd Waller’s Brykin Big Chief. 4 ½ years. Harsh jacket, firm body, dark intelligent eyes, moved OK, steady showman.

3rd Bowden-Roche & Bowden’s Bargeway Point Plank. Well up to size, failed in front movement, carrying plenty of weight, all male head.   

LD 10 – 1

1st Bennet’s Byquy Rich Gent. Won the biggest class and best class so far. 2 years, well schooled showman with an excellent outline, well proportioned, good head and eyes, well pigmented, compact body, excellent bone, well handled and presented, went well.

2nd Davies’s Neradmik Over The Rainbow to Kyross, nearly 3 years, lovely head, eyes and expression, slightly shorter attention span, lovely coat and condition, strong body, moved well but tended to lean towards his handler. Sturdy body, very close decision between 1 and 2

3rd Baker’s Neradmik Boy Next Door. Litter brother to CC and BIS winner.

OD 3 – 0

1st CC & BIS Harris’s Ch Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees, JW, Sh CM. beautifully balanced, great silhouette, used his neck to impress, all quality head, bright, dark, intelligent eyes giving him such a charming expression. Lovely coat and condition, just the right amount of weight, a pleasure to watch him on the move where he really excelled, animated and focused showman.

2ns Miles & Dean’s Ch Neradmik Family Affair with Lekkerbek. Litter brother to winner, must have been an amazing litter and not to be outdone my 3rd in this class was out of the same dam, Ch Lady Godiva’s Guilty Pleasure with Neradmik. Typical head and expression, compact body, good bone, harsh jacket, another that moved and showed well.

3rd Andrews’ Ch Neradmik Daddy Dear with Maldine. 2 years old, masculine dog with lovely coat and dark eyes, plenty of body, sympathetically handled.

VD (Under 10 years) 5 – 0

1st BV Peck, Matthews & Ransley’s Ch Wund-ry Workin For A Livin at Szaryk (Imp USA) 7 ½ years, once he had relieved himself (almost flooded the ring, bless him! He was fine) Keen, intelligent expression, lively and switched on showman, well proportioned, good top-line, well coated. No sign of old age here.

2nd Atkinson’s Torrikees Who’s The Boss of Winklestar 9 years, excellent type, very pleasing head and expression, well coated and bodied, moved quite well.

3rd Brunt’s Ch Zandvoort Dream Machine 9 years completed a good trio of ‘old boys’ distinguished grey around the muzzle, good coat, solid body, showy and cooperative.

VD (Over 10 years) 0 – 0

Breeders Dog 3 – 0

1st Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt (by Game Boy) 4 years, good honest dog, attractive head, brisk mover. Good outline, showed non stop

2nd Mezanda Merry Starshower

3rd Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude Sh CM

NBBED 5 – 1

1st Miles, Dr & Mrs Cullen & Brown’s Ch Rossvale’s Legacy for Lekkerbek (by Game Boy) 4 years, typey dog of good make and shape, compact body, excellent bone, very nice head and expression, keen showman who moved OK

2nd Rose’s Ch Rossvale Master Of Destiny for Esorkees, 3 ½ years, masculine head and outlook, plenty of coat, does not need to carry any more weight, quality head, lovely dark eyes, showed non stop

3rd Mezanda Master Of Secrets at Druitz


MPB 5 – 1: Such innocence!

1st White’s Neradmik Vanilla Ice Morvania, 7 ½ months, litter sister to BPD, nice puppy, lovely eyes, good head, compact body, already a good coat, moved and showed OK.

2nd Brunt’s Zandvoort Ursula Andress, 7 months, smart puppy with good silhouette standing, good neckline and quarters. Still has a lot of puppy coat. Not going quite true in front today.

3rd Palmer’s Shelderon Super Steller, 8 months, most attractive head, lovely expression, good body and outline. Needs to firm up in front action

PB 2 – 0

1st Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Grace Kelly, 9 ½ months, lovely dark eyes, intelligent expression, has quality and style, well presented coat, high set tail, firm body, very showy and cooperative.

2nd Marshall’s Torrikees Made in Heaven, 11 months, attractive head, kind dark eyes, well coated and bodied, moved Ok, not as concentrated on the job as 1st. I see that she is litter sister to BPIS.

JB 9 – 2

1st BPIS Passmore’s Torrikees Lust For Life, 11 months, easy class winner for me, very good outline and proportions, feminine head, intensely keen and interested, excellent coat, body and tail set, in excellent form, moved well.

2nd Janssen’s Osiris Shining Bright Von Het Earlskamp, 15 months, a bit of a fidget but an appealing bitch never the less, pleasing head, good coat and body, moved OK.

3rd Reed-Peck’s Byquy Walkin Boots, litter sister to the RCC dog.

SYB 1 – 0

1st Hickson’s Kichigai Magic Dancer, 17 months, quality head, up to weight, happy showgirl, good coat, shade long cast.

NB 2 – 0

1st Brunt’s Zandvoort Ursula Andress.

2nd Carter’s Amikirs Bucks Fizz at Almraglic, 4 years, a bit long in foreface, moved OK but was more interested in eating than showing herself off. Shade long cast.

PGB 9 – 2

1st Hattersley’s Torrikees Sea Breeze, 3 ½ years, full of voice today, intelligent expression, good head, well proportioned with good outline, moved and showed well, not in full coat.

2nd Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep In The Back, 2 ½ years, Very well handled to look her best, good head, well defined spectacles, dark eyes, well bodied and coated. Not moving as well as 1st.

3rd Schulz’s Neradmik Kiss Me Kate to Skydust, another Holly Berry daughter.

LB 9 – 2

1st Janssen’s No Fear Van Het Earlskamp, 2 ½ years, very nice quality bitch, stead show girl who also went well. Alert expression and bright eyed, well fitted coat, excellent body and neckline, well presented.

2nd White’s Neradmik Dear Darling of Whitchakees, litter sister to 3rd in Open Dog, 2 years, good type, pleasing head and expression, plenty of coat, firm body, showed well, well set tail, also lovely dark eyes. Close up here.  

3rd Fitches’ Samoykees Exclusive Moon.

OB 11 – 2

1st CC & RBIS Sharp-Bale’s Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry, 5 years and gorgeous! Lovely face, bright eyed and bushy tailed, super body, totally balanced, high set tail, excellent coat and condition, very sound and what a producer!

2nd Atkinson & Matthews’ Winklestar Anthe with Valindale NAF, TAF, 20 months, what a pretty bitch, feminine and very well turned out, most attractive head, good outline, splendid coat, showed non-stop clearly enjoying herself, in tune with her handler on the move. 

3rd Austin & Johnston’s Chotahkees Don’t Stop Me Now.

VB (Under10 years) 2 – 0

1st Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Chanel, coming up 9 years but she doesn’t know that!. In good form and not looking her age. Feminine head, good outline and proportions, great show girl, excellent coat. And she is Holly Berry’s mum.

2nd Evans’s Torrikees American Affair, 7 ½ years, carrying a bit extra weight today, feeling the heat as she was also in heavy coat, very well groomed. Keen bright expression, Could have moved with a little more animation.

VB (Over10 years) 4 – 2

1st Passmore’s Torrikees With Attitude. 10 years, feminine head and outlook, compact body, quite a good mover still, steady show girl.

2nd Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition Sh CM. 11 years, still has a mouthful of white teeth, well coated, happy and cooperative show girl. Carrying a bit too much weight and front movement let her down today.

Breeders Bitch 4 – 2

1st Palmer’s Shelderon Super Steller

2nd Palmer’s Shelderon Sugar And Spice, Reserve in PGB, 18 months, dark intelligent eyes, keen expression, good coat, failed in hindquarters and not very settled on the move, sometimes losing her top-line.

NBBEB 4 – 2

1st White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin Morvania, 5 years, same way bred as todays BIS winner. Coat not at its best today, attractive head, good bone and body, showed well, tending to pace when moving.

2nd Bowden=Roche & Bowden’s Bargeway Sweet Revenge, 2 years, pleasing head, sparkling eyes, good coat, well presented coat. Movement front and back not good today.

Brace 1 – 0

1st Janssen & Stassen’s bitches who were well matched for size and type. Went well together.




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