The Versatility Awards

The Keeshond Club Versatility Awards

The Keeshond Club would like to recognise the achievements of all Keeshonds, not just show Keeshonds. Therefore we have started a new award called the Versatility Award.

This Award is designed to encourage Keeshond owners to take part in other sports and gain point for all levels of achievements. Presentation takes place at the Annual General Meeting each year.  Closing date for applications is 30 January each year.


Platinum       Achieved by gaining 12 points over 3 or more disciplines

Gold               Achieved by gaining 9 points over 3 or more disciplines

Silver             Achieved by gaining 6 points over 2 or more disciplines

Bronze          Achieved by gaining 3 points over 2 or more disciplines



  • Only the owner of the dog can claim for points (parent of children less than 16 needs to apply).The award is dog based.
  • Sports/disciplines not covered in the points table may be eligible for inclusion.


Instructions for claims

  • Claims must be made on the appropriate form and by current members of active dogs.
  • Only one score is allowed from each discipline
  • Once a level is awarded, further disciplines will be needed, to progress to next level
  • All claims must be accompanied by documentary evidence. Please submit your points with evidence of award to include level of achievement within the sport, making it as clear as possible. Photocopies are acceptable as are photographs of rosettes.
  • The clubs decision is final in all disputes.


Points Table

Points Breed Competition








Heelwork to Music


KC Good Citizen’s

(KGC) Discover Dogs DD



Pat Dog/

Pets as Therapy 

Fun Dog Shows


6 Group placing at Championship show in UK  

Top 3 Places at C

Ag. Ch. Title (KC) CAP/CSC title (UKA)

1st Place Grade 7

Top 15 National Rank end of season Crufts Final


  Top 15 National ranking in class (end of season 6 plus visits  
5 Ch. Title Win at A or Top 3 places at B Win out of grade 5 of 6 (KC) or Senior (UKA)   1st place in Advanced Gold Won 3 or more Classes 3 plus visits BIS/RBIS from breed or fun classes
4 CC or 3 RCC’s 1 win at Novice or Top 3 places at A Win out of Grade 3 or 4 (UK) or Novice (UKA) Champ/Excellent Title 1-3

(Regular, Puppy, Veteran)

Win out of intermediate Breed Booth Both Events


Won a class   1st place in 2+ classes
3 Stud Book or ShCM Win at Beginners or Top 3 placing at Novice Win out of grade 1 or 2 (KC) or Beginners (UKA) Level 1-3 title

(Regular, Puppy, Veteran)

Win out of novice Silver Placed 2-5 in a class Pass Assessment 1-3 in 2+classes Inc. ‘have a go’
2 BOB at open show/ BOS Champ show no CC’s Win out of Pre-beginners or Top 3 Placing at Beginners Round Placing

2nd – 7th

3 Scores of 190+


/Award of Excellence

Win out of starters DD  Breed

Booth Either Event

Completed a full length class Race   1-5 Place, Any class Inc.  ‘have a go Classes’
1 3 First Places in Breed Class, open or Champ Show Win an Obedience class at companion show. Or Basic Ob Test or 2nd or 3rd. placing in pre-beginners Clear Round Score  170+ (TD +KC Rally) 1-4 placing in HTM or FS Class Bronze Completed a ‘Have a go’ race    


The claim form can be downloaded here

Versatility Awards Results 2019

Brody owned by Lisa McCorrie 

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