2016 October Open Show

2016 October Open Show


at Roade Village Hall, Bailey Brook Lane,

Roade, Northampton, NN7 2LS


on Sunday 2nd October 2016

6-9-2011 00045

Judge: Mrs. Lorraine Bolton (Rikarlo)

Special Awards Judge: Mrs. Sue Dykes (Kashi)



Best in Show   Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
Reserve Best in Show   Janssen & Stassen’s Torrikees Shakira Among Seranaubach
Best Puppy   Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower
Best Veteran   Passmore’s Torrikees With Attitude
Best Dog   Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
Reserve Best Dog   Miles’ Cullen’s and Brown’s Rossvale Legacy for Lekkerbek
Best Puppy Dog   Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower
Best Bitch   Janssen & Stassen’sTorrikees Shakira Among Seranaubach
Reserve Best Bitch   Passmore’s Torrikees With Attitude
Best Puppy Bitch   Lindsay’s Mezanda Melys Sparkles

Best in Show and Best Puppy


1 Minor Puppy Dog – 2 1 Peck and Matthews’ Byquy Workin Boots
2 Hope’s Byquy Bet Your Boots
2 Puppy Dog  – 1 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower
3 Junior Dog  – 1 1 Williams’ Mezanda Master of Secrets At Druitz
4 Special Yearling Dog – 0
5 Novice Dog –  0
6 Post-Graduate Dog  – 3 (1) 1 Bowden-Roche’s Bargeway Point Blank
2 Edwards’ Torrikees Van Heusen
7 Limit Dog – 5 (1) 1 Andrews’ Neradmik Daddy Dear with Maldine
2 Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt
3 Wilkin’s Pommary Ruff ‘n’ Ready
RES Lush’s Buchkees Love in the Mist
8 Open Dog  –   1 1 Miles’ Cullen’s and Brown’s Rossvale Legacy for Lekkerbek
9 Veteran Dog –   3(2) 1 Wilkin’s Ch. Pommary Quick Silver at Whizzkees
10 Breeder’s Dog  – 5 (2) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Madog’s Storm
2 Newman’s Leazehond Lightning Bolt
3 Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM
11 Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog – 3 1 Bowden-Roche’s Bargeway Point Plank
2 Mezanda Master of Secrets at Druitz
3 Lush’s Buchkees Love in the Mist



12 Minor Puppy Bitch – 3 1 Redler & Wheatley’s Byquy Kinky Boots
2 Hickson’s Kichigai Magic Dancer
3 Peck & Matthews’ Byquy Walkin Boots
13 Puppy Bitch – 4 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Melys Sparkles
2 Janssen & Stassen’s Osiris Shining Bright Van Het Earlskamp
3 Brettell’s Mezanda Miss Sunshine
RES Waller’s Bargeway That’s My Girl
14 Junior Bitch – 4 1 Skillet & Handley’s Leazehond Picotee Pink
2 Hickson’s Kichigai This Girl is Mine
3 Bowden-Roche’s Bargeway Sweet Revenge
RES Schulz’s Neradmik Kiss Me Kate to Skydust
15 Special Yearling Bitch – 3 (1) 1 Skillet & Handley’s Leazehond Picotee Pink
2 Lush’s Gallowtree Tassel
16 Novice Bitch – 3 1 Skillet & Handley’s Leazehond Picotee Pink
2 Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep in The Back
3 Vevey’s Byquy Willamena
17 Post Graduate Bitch – 4 1 McDonald’s Torrikees Macy’s
2 Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Slipper
3 Burgess’s Winklestar Duchess
RES Brewer’s Helkeesen Surfin Honey
18 Limit Bitch – 6 1 Lush’s Gallowtree Tassel
2 Janssen and Stassen’s No Fear Van Het Earlskamp
3 Wilkin’s Whizzkees Ebony Sinders JW
RES White’s Neradmik Dear Darling of Whitchakees
VHC Austin & Johnston’s Chotakees Don’t Stop Me Now
19 Open Bitch – 3 (1) 1 Janssen & Stassen’s Torrikees Shakira Among Seranaubach
2 White’s Neradmik Meant to Be With Whitchakees
20 Veteran Bitch – 7 1 Passmore’s Torrikees With Attitude
2 Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition ShCM
3 Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
RES Harding’s Amikirs Amour
VHC Lush’s Zandvooort Heaven’s Dream for Ednaaron
21 Breeder’s Bitch – 3 (1) 1 Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade
2 Mezanda Mai Starshine
22 Not Bred by Exhibitor Bitch – 3 1 Lush’s Zandvoort Heaven’s Dream For Ednaaron
2 Vevey’s Byquy Willamena

The Puppy Parade (under six months)

The Judges Critique



I am very conscious of the honour afforded me by the Keeshond Club and I would like to thank the exhibitors and committee for making feel very welcome.  I was also delighted to meet, in person, my co-judge Sue Dykes.

As with all judging some decisions were very hard and others somewhat easier.  Nevertheless I was very happy with my winners and was delighted to find out later that they were from the same lines and families.

BEST IN SHOW was the dog Lindsay’s  MEZANDA MADOG’S STORM.  In profile this dog had exactly what I was looking for.  Excellent square outline, but with sufficient neck that he didn’t look stuffy.  Lovely ribbing and excellent short and strong in loin.  Tail and set is very good.  A tendency to turn his left leg in on the move does not detract from a basically good front and his rear angulation is spot on.  His side action was exactly as described in the standard, clean and brisk.  His head was beautifully balanced, not too short in the muzzle.  A shade light in eye but, nevertheless, it was well shaped and set giving an excellent and most typical expression.  Excellent colour and quality of coat.  Overall, I felt a most typical example of his breed, yes, I liked him a lot.  Congratulations.

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW and BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW, was the delightful bitch Janssen’s TORRIKEES SHAKIRA AMONG SERANAUBACH.  A good sized bitch who, in profile, matched the dog for compactness and substance.  Underneath her quality coat is a superb body.  Excellent spring of rib carried all the way back to a short and strong loin.  Depth of brisket was good and legs well boned.  Very correct in front and rear angulation.  Like my dog, was beautifully balanced in head with a good eye and ear giving a very lively and typical expression.  In the challenge I thought both the dog and bitch looked beautifully balanced and most typical of the breed.  In the final analyses the dog just had the edge on side gait.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW  the dog Lindsay’s MEZANDA MERRY STARSHOWER.  Nephew to my BIS and is unmistakably of the same general type.  Well balanced in head with a good dark mask and ears.  Characteristic face markings.  I would like him a little less round in eye.  Good neck into good shoulders and strong top line.  Excellent through the middle and correct rear angulation with excellent tail and set..  Excellent feet and bone.  A little longer in loin so not quite the square profile of his uncle.  Much to like about this lad.

RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Lindsay’s MEZANDA MELYS SPARKLES.  Litter sister the puppy dog and a most attractive young lady.  Presents a very typical profile.  Excels on handling, with and excellent front and very good rear quarters.  A good middle piece with spring of rib and loin that is not too long.  Good feet and bone.  She is really most attractive in head, correctly marked and excellent muzzle to skull balance.  I shall watch these two puppies with considerable interest.

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW and RESERVE BEST BITCH to Passmore’s TORRIKEES WITH ATTITUDE.   Delighted to see she is the dam of my Reserve Best in Show, and they shared the same excellent square profile.  This lady is absolutely correct for body, being well sprung with a good depth of brisket and short in the loin.  Satisfactory in construction fore and aft she was moving well.  Good colour and quality of coat.  She really is most attractive in head and a correctly shaped eye together with good head markings gives her a lovely and most typical expression.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (2): 1st. Peck and Matthews’ BYQUY WORKIN BOOTS.  Only just 6 months this baby is lovely.  Lovely and square in profile.  Most attractive head with excellent skull to muzzle proportions and correct stop.  Good neck set into an excellent front.  Tail set right on top.  Lovely bone.  A most promising young man.

2nd.  Hope’s BYQUY BET YOUR BOOTS.  Litter brother to the winner and has the same super square profile.  He too is beautifully constructed in front.  Muzzle is just a little finer than the winner and eye not quite so almond in shape.  Another lovely baby.



JUNIOR DOG (1):  1st. Williams’ MEZANDA MASTER OF SECRETS AT DRUITZ.  Litter brother to my Best Puppy.  Masculine head, perhaps a tad shorter in muzzle, but good eye, ear and facial markings gives most typical expression.  Excellent size and substance.  Not quite as square in profile as his brother and needs to strengthen in front.

POST GRADUATE DOG (3,1):  1st. Bowden-Roche’s BARGEWAY POINT BLANK.  I like the balance between skull and muzzle which, with a good eye and excellent ears gives a typical expression.  He has an excellent body with good brisket and strong loin.  Good bone.  Rather narrow moving in the rear. And not too interested in the proceedings.  Out of coat.

2nd.  Edwards & Rousseau’s TORRIKEES VAN HEUSSEN.  Possess a well made body with excellent tail set and correct angles fore and aft.  I thought his head was rather short in the muzzle with a deep stop and round eye which gave a rather untypical expression.

LIMIT DOG (5,4):  1st.  Andrews’ NERADMIK DADDY DEAR WITH MALDINE.  An upstanding dog with so much to really like.  Lovely head and expression, so well balanced with a good eye shape and set with good size, well set ears.  Excellent in body with strong legs and feet.  Looked very well standing in profile.

2nd. Newman’s LEAZEHOND LIGHTNING BOLT.  Although he wouldn’t use his ears they are well set and a good shape.  A little shorter in muzzle and deeper in stop than I would prefer.  An upstanding dog of good shape and profile.  Very well presented in full coat.


OPEN DOG (1):  1st.Miles, Cullen & Brown’s ROSSVALE’S LEGACY FOR LEKKERBEK.  Super profile being square and compact with sufficient neck for balance.  Nicely balanced head with good facial markings.  Well set ear of good size and shape.  Excellent through the body and super tail set.  Good bone and feet.  Close up in the challenge but I preferred the winners eye set and shape.

VETERAN DOG (3,2):  1st.  Wilkin’s  CH. POMMARY QUICK SILVER AT WHIZZKEES.  Most impressive veteran in excellent coat.  Muzzle, skull and stop create a very well balanced head and good ear shape and set provide for a most typical expression.  Good bone and excellent cat feet.  Tail set is good.  Up to size but presents a very nice profile.








MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3):  1st.  Redler and Wheatley’s BYQUY KINKY BOOTS.  What a beautifully square baby girl.  She is most attractive in head and expression.  Excellent construction in front and rear with exactly the right amount of angulation.  Lovely puppy and I shall follow her career with interest.

2nd. Hickson’s KICHIGAI MAGIC DANCER.  In full coat of good quality.  Soundly built with excellent bone and body ,but a little too long for absolute squareness.  Head is well balanced though perhaps a touch round in eye.

3rd. Reed-Peck’s BYQUY WALKIN BOOTS.



2nd. Janssen & Stassen’s OSIRIS SHINING BRIGHT VAN HET EARLSKAMP.  Another lovely puppy.  Extremely nice in profile, square as can be.  Beautifully balanced in head.  Excellent tail set.  Good bone and feet.  Not quite the clean front of the winner on the move.  Rear hocks a little smutty which should clear as she grows into adulthood.



JUNIOR BITCH (4):  1st. Skillet & Handley’s LEAZEHOND PICOTEE PINK.  In profile has a lovely length neck that balances her compact body beautifully.  Head is correctly proportioned and a well shaped and set eye gives most attractive expression.  Very good bone and feet.  The whole picture completed with a full coat of excellent quality.

2nd. Hickson’s  KICHIGAI THIS GIRL IS MINE.  Lovely compact, square, girl really presents a very typical profile although I would like a little more length of neck for perfect balance.  Her head proportions are good but she is larger and more round in eye than I would prefer.  Very nicely made through the body with good legs and feet.

3rd.  Bowden-Roche’s BARGEWAY SWEET REVENGE.



2nd. Lush’s GALLOWTREE TASSEL.  I particularly like the construction and body of this girl.  She has ample spring of rib carried right back with a strong loin and firm top line.  Especially nice in head proportions with an excellent ear size and set.  Correct in eye.  In profile she is a touch longer being not quite the square I was looking for.


2nd. Redler & Wheatley’s  KEITAKEES ASLEEP IN THE BACK.  A girl of good size and excellent colour.  Pretty head with good markings and a nice dark eye.  Excellent tail and set on.  Not moving as truly as the winner.

3rd.  Vevey’s BYQUY WILLAMENA.


POST GRADUATE BITCH (4):  1st.  McDonald’s TORRIKEES MACY’S.  A really lovely bitch with great balance in profile.  She looks to have good body and certainly doesn’t disappoint when handling.  Super spring of rib, good depth of brisket and short loin all account for her compactness.  Excellent bone and feet.  Head is well enough balanced but expression is a little spoilt with too round an eye.

2nd.  Wilkin’s  WHIZZKEES EBONY SLIPPER.  Slap bang in the middle of casting her coat.  I liked her correct angulation and she is up to scratch with many I judged today.  However, rather up against it with the winner being so particularly good through the middle.



LIMIT BITCH (6,1):  1stGALLOWTREE TASSEL.  A good class to win.

2nd.  Janssen & Stassen’s NO FEAR VAN HET EARLSKAMP.  Very feminine outlook in profile, really pretty girl, with good bone and full coat.  Muzzle length and stop are as required although she is a little rounder in eye than I prefer.  Excellent through the body.




2nd.   White’s  NERADMIK MEANT TO BE WITH WHITCHAKEES.  This girl is up to size and perhaps not so feminine as the winner.  Has good bone, compatible with her size.  .A little long for absolute sqareness.  I found her head and expression a little on the coarse side.



2nd.  Hill’s PLYMKEES LIMITED EDITION Sh CM.  Up to size but not lacking in femininity.  She really has a most attractive head, so well balanced, although a tad round in eye for my preference.  Excellent bone and substance.  Just a little longer in profile than my winner.

3rd.  Newman’s  LEAZEHOND MADDY MOONLIGHT.  I did have a smile when I saw this prefix.  I lived in Meadowleaze in my youth and my father still lives in Elmleaze Gloucester.  Too much of a coincidence?


BREEDERS BITCH (3,1):  1st.  Newman’s  LEAZEHOND MOONDUST CASCADE.  Won this class on her lovely square profile.  She excels in body with excellent spring of rib, short loin and good brisket.  Really lovely to handle.  She wasn’t moving as well as the second and I thought her a little too broad in the skull.  Nevertheless, I thought her many qualities and excellent breed type won through.

2nd.  Lindsay’s  MEZANDA MAI STARSHINE.  Litter sister to the BIS dog.  She is a good size with lovely bone.  Lovely neck avoids any appearance of cloddiness and excellent tail set does shorten her up a bit.  Not as full a black mask as I would like.


NOT BRED BY EXHIBITOR (3,1):  1st.  Lush’s  ZANDVOORT HEAVEN’S DREAM FOR EDNAARON.  I am so sorry, I haven’t taken any notes for your lady.

2ndBYQUY WILLAMENA.  I know this was your first ever show and well done for taking the plunge.  Your young lady is worth persevering with so don’t give up.  Find your local ringcraft and enjoy learning together.

A wonderful day thank you so much.                                                                                                         LORRAINE BOLTON







Special Yearling (4/3)

  1. Hickson’s KICHIGAI MAGIC DANCER Smart puppy of correct size. Balanced head with correct eye placement. Well defined spectacles and dark muzzle. Moved well in profile. Good coat texture. Correct tail and good feet.
  2. Lindsay’s MEZANDA MELYS SPARKLES Puppy with well proportioned head. Correct eye/ear placement although would prefer ears to be a little darker. Correct tail, good coat texture. Feet could be a little tighter.  Preferred shape of class winner.
  3. Austin’s CHOTAHKEES DON’T STOP ME NOW This puppy is a little shorter in leg than ideal, although may still be growing. Well defined spectacles, however stop a little to extreme.  Good feet, correct tail set & carriage.  Coat a bit less clear than 1 & 2.

Special Limit (9/7)

  1. Lush’s GALLOWTREE TASSEL Correct size. Good eye with defined pencilling. Correct bite. Good feet. Good tail and coat with correct texture. Balanced on move.
  2. Redler & Wheatley’s KEITAKEES ASLEEP IN THE BACK Not in best coat at present but preferred overall balance than 3.  Correct shape and size. Correct eye shape and defined spectacles. Good feet.  Correct tail set & carriage, however this girl was narrow throughout, and I would have preferred a little more substance.
  3. Wilkin’s WHIZZKEES EBONY SLIPPER Correct size, with good tail set and carriage. Feminine head with correct shape eye and good bite.  Good ear placement.  Feet could be a little tighter.  Would have preferred more substance throughout.

Special Open (6/2)

  1. Harding’s AMIKIRS AMOUR Balanced head with correct shape eye and good bite. Well defined spectacles. Correct coat texture and good tail set & carriage.  Moved a little wide in front.  Preferred head to 2
  2. Lush’s ZANDVOORT HEAVEN’S DREAM FOR EDNAARON Correct size with good tail & feet. In excellent condition for age. Preferred the head shape of the class winner and eye could be darker. Would have preferred her to be shorter in back.
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