2012 January Open Show

The Keeshond Club Open Show 28th January 2012

Judge : Karin Hickson (Kichigai)

Best of Breed Matthew’s Eastkees Winter Mist
Reserve Best of Breed Gregory’s Ch. Amikirs Adorabubble JW
Best Dog and BOS Brunt’s Sueacres Iced Diamond of Zandvoort
Best Puppy Bell’s Foxifayre Hidden Treasure Allforus
Best Veteran Miles’ Allforus Frosting over Lekkerbek JW ShCM

Dogs Entered   92
Dogs Absent    15


Minor Puppy Dog – 6 1 Day’s Foxifayre Pieces of Eight among Spitzcav
2 Reed’s Byquy Because You Can
3 Barton’s Collcrist Maximus
RES Stubbings’s Vandersee Irish Guard
VHC Ellis’s Brykin Big Noise
Puppy Dog – 2 1 Eggleston’s Bert von Ricara (Imp)
2 Tew’s Bargeway Keen to Rumble
Junior Dog – 4 (2 withdrawn) 1 Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream Stone
2 Burwin & Tedrow’s Hoadsberg Alexei
Special Yearling Dog – 6 (1) 1 Wadmore-Smith’s Hunnivoles Woody Valentine
2 Lindsay’s Enrevyar Exceptional with Mezanda
3 Eggleston’s Bert von Ricara (Imp)
RES Painter’s Hunnivoles Song of Solomon
VHC Houghton’s Liefkees Ambassador
Novice Dog – 2 1 Burwin & Tedrow’s Hoadsberg Alexei
2 Silvester’s Whizzkees Onyx Silver
Post Graduate Dog – 3 (1) 1 Henman & Peterson’s Foxifayre Doctor Zhivago
2 Painter’s Hunnivoles Song of Solomon
Limit Dog – 8 (6) 1 Brunt’s Sueacres Iced Diamond of Zandvoort
2 Pattison’s Eastkees Don’t Say a Word
Open Dog – 3 1 Day’s Ch. Allforus Dice Master for Spitzcav JW ShCM
2 Pattison’s Ch. Eastkees One More Chance
3 Hill’s Plymkees First Edition ShCM
Veteran Dog – 3 1 Miles’ Allforus Frosting over Lekkerbek JW ShCM
2 Wadmore-Smith’s Rossvale Latin Lover
3 Austin’s Chotahkees What a Dream
Breeder’s Dog – 3 1 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Checkmate
2 Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM
3 Burwin & Tedrow’s Hoadsberg Alexei
Minor Puppy Bitch – 7 (2) 1 Bell’s Foxifayre Hidden Treasure Allforus
2 Reed’s Byquy Because of You
3 Stubbing’s Vandersee Wedding Belle
RES Redler & Wheatley’s Foxifayre Treasure Trove
VHC Ryan’s Vandersee Maid of Honour
Puppy Bitch – 4 (2) 1 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan
2 Redler & Wheatley’s Foxifayre Treasure Trove
Junior Bitch – 6 (1) 1 Austin’s Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous
2 Hopkin’s Torrikees Shakira among Serenaubach
3 Lewis’s Leazehond Brightstar Night
RES Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade
VHC Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost an Angel
Special Yearling Bitch – 4 1 Wadmore-Smith’s Hunnivoles Pepsi Rock
2 Saunders’ Liefkees Annabell
3 Austin’s Chotahkees Enchantress
RES Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade
Novice Bitch – 5 (2) 1 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan
2 Lewis’s Leazehond Brightstar Night
3 Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost an Angel
Post Graduate Bitch – 6 (3) 1 Saunders’ Liefkees Angelika
2 Jackson’s Reesburg Misty Rainbow
3 Harding’s Amikirs Amour
Limit Bitch – 6 (4) 1 Lindsay’s Enrevyar Mystic Star by Mezanda
2 Rose’s Neradmik Kisses and Giggles for Esorkees
Open Bitch – 7 (2) 1 Matthews’ Eastkees Winter Mist
2 Austin’s Ch. Valindale Darling Girl for Chotahkees JW ShCM
3 Pattison’s Eastkees Idle Chatter
RES Truelove’s Neradmik Baiodora Lady D’Winter
VHC Hill’s Pommary Tallulah Lo at Plymkees ShCM
Veteran Bitch – 7 (2) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
2 Saunders’ Liefkees Adelina
3 Stubbings’ Norkees Special Edition at Vandersee
RES Passmore’s Trumpet’s Hand of Fate for Torrikees (Imp. USA)
VHC Hill’s Valkanties Chloe with Plymkees ShCM
Breeders Bitch – 8 (2) 1 Gregory’s Ch. Amikirs Adorabubble JW
2 Saunders’ Ch. Liefkees Albertine
3 Stubbings’ Vandersee Autumnal Mist
RES Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
VHC Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
Best Brace (2) 1 Saunders
2 Luckhurst


The Keeshond Club Open Show 28-01-12

Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge this show. It was a wonderful day with many super dogs to go over.

Minor Puppy Dog – 6 

a beautiful class of puppys with placings that will change many times.
1st : Day’s Foxifayre Pieces Of Eight Among Spitzcav, 6 month old baby with a beautiful compact square body, dark eye and neat ears, well off for bone and strait front, he has the look of being stuffy in neck due to the depth of coat, however does have enough neck when gone over.  Coat colour has to finish clearing but all markings are just starting to show through. This is complimented by short back and high set tight tail. Moved and showed well for one so young
2nd : Reed’s Byquy Because You Can, 7 months old  slightly less balanced at the moment, however he has a decent head piece with a dark eye leading onto a moderate neck with good front assembly.  Coat and colour coming in, has the required marking Moved well.
3rd : Barton’s Collcrist Maximus
Puppy Dog – 2
1st : Eggleston’s Bert Von Ricara (Imp) 10 months attending his first UK show, a dog who took your eye as he came in the ring.  A decent  sized dog with a contrast of light and dark coat colour, with a harsh texture to it, a dark eye with neat ears and a moderate reach of neck, leading to a well laid shoulder and straight legs. Moved well Lost out in challenge due to being tiered but his day will come I am sure. BPD, RBPIS
2nd : Tew’s Bargeway Keen To Rumble, nice honest dog with a nice head and eye mouth correct, colour not as clear as one but coming nicely. Well made with high set tail.

Junior Dog – 3/1wd
1st : Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream Stone, Square dog with correct shoulder placement leading to straight legs and cat like  feet. Foxy head with a dark eye and neat ears, Would like better bite. Moved well once settled.
2nd : Burwin & Tedrow’s Hoadsberg Alexei Square dog but I would like more neck to finish picture, has good colour and size  moved well in front, good head and ears.

Special Yearling Dog – 6, 1ab
1st : Wadmore Smith’s Hunnivoles Woody Valentine, Nicely built dog with a brisk sharp movement, deep chest and straight front, is very well marked and of a good size would just like a darker eye.  Moved well.
2nd : Lindsay’s Enreveyar Exceptional At Mezand, not as compact as 1, but a nicely put together dog with correct colour and coat texture, moved well.
3rd : Eggleston’s Bert Von Ricara (Imp)

Novice Dog – 2
1st : Burwin & Tedrow’s Hoadsberg Alexei, Repeat from 2nd in Junior
2nd : Silvester’s Whizzkees Onyx Silver, very short boy with a well shaded  coat and colour, moved well on his soundly made body.

Post Graduate Dog – 3, 1ab
1st : Henman & Peterson’s Doctor Zhivago Square dog with good head and small ears, Nice tight tail, coat of good definition of colour and texture. Good angulations good movement.
2nd : Painter’s Hunnivoles Song Of Solomon, not quite the shape of 1st small ears but lighter eye than I prefer. Nice definition to coat colour, moved well on straight front legs and correctly  angled rear legs.

Limit Dog- 8, 6ab
1st : Sueacres Iced Diamond Of Zandvoort, Short compact dog, so well balanced with a Moderate reach of neck.  Showed with ease and moved so well, good head and eye nice texture to coat, nice bone with good cat feet. Best Dog BOS
2nd : Pattison’s Eastkees Don’t Say A Word, this dog has a wonderful outline with good bone and angulation high set tail on level back unfortunately was not happy on the move.

Open Dog – 3
1st : Day’s Ch Allforus Dice Master At Spitzcav Jw ShCM,  a short coupled dog who standing gives a beautiful outline with a high set tail and is groomed to perfection. Good masculine head and eye with a true masculine expression was not happy in the challenge as with different handler RBD
2nd : Pattison’s Ch Eastkees One More Chance, Compact dog with excellent  bone leading to good feet. Good head eyes dark.. Coat changing at moment, so colour not as good as could be.
3rd : Hill’s Plymkees First Edition ShCM

Veteran Dog – 3 3 lovely dogs who will change places on a different day
1st : Miles’ Allforus Frosting Over Lekkerbek Jw ShCM, A dog I have always liked and judged as a youngster. Although not the biggest dog he is beautifully put together with a good head and eye, good bone small neat ears and a dark eye, Harsh coat with contrast of colour.  Moved out nicely both fore and aft. BV
2nd : Wadmore Smith’s Rossvale Latin Lover, Larger dog with good colour and texture good head with correct dentition moved and showed well.
3rd : Austin’s Chotahkees What A Dream

Breeders Open Dog – 3
1st : Luckhurst’s Gavimir Checkmate, Masculine head and decent forefront with moderate neck, square outline and good tail set.  Dark eye and small ears Moved well in front.
2nd : Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM, Larger dog, good head and neck, good definition in coat colour  moved ok in front.
3rd : Burwin & Tedrow’s Hoadsberg Alexi

Minor Puppy Bitch – 7, 2ab-

What an absolute class of beautiful babies which will change places many times as they mature.
1st : Bell’s Foxifayre Hidden Treasure Allforus,  this little lady took my eye as she came in the ring. Square balanced puppy with real showy attitude good straight front on correct shoulders and moderate neck.  Dark eye and good mouth.  Colour just starting to come in, the tightest of tails, moved well,   this is one I could take home.  Will watch her progress with interest. BPB BPIS
2nd : Reed’s Byquy Because Of You, Close up to 1 but not quite the balance at moment, colour coming in feminine head, with moderate neck but slightly larger ears than 1, dark eye and moved out well on loose lead.
3rd : Stubbings’ Wedding Belle

Puppy Bitch – 4, 2ab
1st :  Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan,  Larger more mature puppy with a dark eye, correct head proportions with facial markings showing. Presented in immaculate condition with a good coat colour and condition showed and moved well.
2nd : Redler & Wheatley’s Foxifayre Treasure Trove. Younger pup, at just 6 months of age. Nicely made however unhappy on the move today.  Good proportions throughout with colour just showing through.


Junior Bitch – 6, 1ab
1st : Austin’s Chotahkees Truly Gorgeous, square compact bitch with a wedge shaped head, dark ivy ears would have liked a darker eye but did not detract from typical Kees expression.   Profuse coat, of clear colour and harsh texture. Well off for bone and moved well.
2nd : Hopkins’ Torrikees Shakira Among Serenaubach nice compact bitch with good head and expression  good front but carrying a bit of weigh. Correct coat and colour
3rd : Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade

Special Yearling Bitch – 4
1st : Wadmore Smith’s Hunnivoles Pepsi Rock, Square outline on a very feminine bitch, small neat ears, well placed shoulders with straight legs on cat feet.  Well shaded black and silver coat, of correct texture. With a profuse tail set well on back. Moved well
2nd : Saunders’ Liefkees Annabel, bitch of correct coat colour and texture, dark eyes and neat ears set well on head,  well off for bone moved well in front but slightly close behind
3rd : Austin’s Chotahkees Enchantress

Novice Bitch – 5, 2ab
1st : Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan, 1st puppy bitch
2nd : Lewis’ Leazehond Brightstar Night, Coat of dark contrasting colour, lighter in bone than 1, moved well  but has a tendency to stand 10-2 in front.
3rd : Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost An Angel

Post Graduate Bitch – 6, 3ab
1st : Saunders’ Liefkees Angelica  Well put together bitch with nice head and shoulders leading to straight legs and good feet.  Clear coat colour with nice texture good tail set moved out well.
2nd : Jackson’s Reesburg Misty Rainbow larger bitch with coat of good colour dark eyes and neat ears, well-constructed throughout with good movement.
3rd : Harding’s Amikirs Amour

Limit Bitch – 6, 4ab
1st : Lindsay’s Enreveyar Mystic Star By Mezanda, larger bitch  feminine head with good markings, dark eye and neat correctly set ears.  Moderate neck leading to well put together shoulders on clean legs level topline and well set tail, showed and moved well.
2nd : Rose’s Nerdamik Kisses N Giggles For Esorkees Small bitch with good shape dark colour  but not  as clear as 1 as had brown tinges to her  coat and sooty markings below hocks  has a tendency to over stretch at the rear on standing.

Open Bitch – 7, 2ab
1st : Matthews’ Eastkees Winter Mist, striking bitch who takes your eye as she comes in the ring on a loose lead showing of her free movement. Clear crisp colour definition on coat, correct front and rear angulations. Has a real foxy head with a dark eye and small ears.  Has a beautiful tail set high on her back Pleased to award her Best Bitch and eventually Best in Show.
2nd : Austin’s Ch Valindale Darling Girl For Chotahkees Jw, Another bitch of quality who I have judged before .larger girl to 1 but correctly made with correct markings and coat colour. Correct head proportions with nice eye and ear placement, moved out well.
3rd : Pattison’s Ch Eastkees Idle Chatter


Veteran Bitch – 7, 2ab
1st : Lindsay’s Mezanda Teachers Pet, Nice size bitch with correct dentition  dark eyes and small ears, has a coat of clear defined colour variation with harsh texture and clear undercoat. Well set tail with tight curl. Moved well.
2nd : Saunders’ Ch Liefkees Albertine enjoying her day out and made sure we all knew she was there.  Good head and expression, mouth just showing its age silver and black coat of longer lengh than 1 moved well.
3rd : Stubbings’ Norkees Special Edition At Vandersee

Breeders Open Bitch – 8, 2ab
1st : Gregory’s Ch Amikirs Adorabubble Jw, Excels in head and neck, level top line, leading to profuse tail which is high set, moved well in rear RBB RBIS
2nd : Saunders’ Liefkees Adelina. Honest bitch what you see is what you get. Shorter coat length with clear defined colour good head and neck with a dark eye and ivy leaf shaped ears.  Has enough bone and moved well.
3rd : Stubbings’ Vandersee Autumnal Mist

Brace: 1

1st : Saunders’, well matched pair who moved in unison once settled.


Judge Lady Karin Hickson

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