2013 January Open Show

The Keeshond Club Open Show

26th January 2013

The Grange Hall Southam Warwicks

Judge Mrs Margarette Mulholland

The winners with the judge, Mrs Margarette Mulholland

L – R Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show, Mrs Margarette Mulholland, Best in Show, Best Puppy

Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show

Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show

Best of Breed

Best of Breed

Reserve Best Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

Best of Breed                      Matthew’s Chotahkees Tickety Boo at Valindale
Reserve Best of Breed        Wilkins’ Whizzkees Onyx Sampsom
Best Dog and BOS              Wilkins’ Whizzkees Onyx Sampsom
Reserve Best Dog              Miles’ Allforus Frosting over Lekkerbek JW Sh.CM
Reserve Best Bitch            Hickson’s Kichigai Ups A Daisy
Best Puppy                         Reed’s Byquy Willma
Best Veteran                       Miles’ Allforus Frosting over Lekkerbek JW Sh.CM

2013Jan-Doris on door duty

Doris “on the door”

Dogs Entered – 68
Dogs Absent  – 20
Minor Puppy Dog – 1  1 Edwards & Rousseau’s Torrikees Van Heusen
Puppy Dog – 0 No entries
Junior Dog – 1 1 Miles & Cullen’s Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek
Special Yearling Dog – 4 (4) 1 All absent
Novice Dog – 3 (1) 1 Hickson’s Kichigai Where’s Wally
2 Silvester’s Whizzkees Onyx Silver
Post Graduate Dog – 4 (1) 1 Wilkins’ Whizzkees Onyx Sampson
2 Pattison’s Eastkees Time Lord
3 Houghton’s Liefkees Ambassador
Limit Dog – 6 (3) 1 Matthews’ Pommary Ruff And Ready at Valindale
2 Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream Stone
3 Lindsay’s Enreveyar Exceptional with Mezanda
Open Dog – 3 1 Hopkins’ Helkeesen Regal Surfer among Serenaubach JW Sh.CM
2 Pattison’s Eastkees Don’t Say a Word
3 Wilkins’ Ch Pommary Quick Silver at Whizzkees
Veteran Dog – 3 1 Miles’ Allforus Frosting over Lekkerbek JW ShCM
2 Hill’s Plymkees First Edition Sh.CM
3 Matthews’ Ch Aus Ch Calivale What The Valindale
Breeder’s Dog – 3 1 Henman & Peterson’s Foxifayre Doctor Zhivago
2 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Checkmate
3 Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude Sh.CM

Veteran Dog Class

Veteran Dog Class

The Dog Challenge

The Dog Challenge

Minor Puppy Bitch – 2 1 Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret
2 McDonald’s Torrikees Macy’s
Puppy Bitch – 1 1 Reed’s Byquy Willma
Junior Bitch – 1 (1) 1 absent
Special Yearling Bitch – 3 (2) 1 Redler & Wheatley’s Foxifayre Treasure Trove
Novice Bitch – 2 1 Hickson’s Kichigai Ups A Daisy
2 Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost an Angel
Post Graduate Bitch – 8 (1) 1 Lewis’s Leazehond Brightstar Night
2 Sharp-Bale & White’s Neradmik Sunday Lovin
3 Lindsay’s Enreveyer Evonna
RES Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade
Limit Bitch – 4 (3) 1 Matthews’ Chotahkees Tickety Boo at Valindale
Open Bitch – 6 (1) 1 Austin & Johnston’s Chotahkees Enchantress
2 Peck’s Luddelos Frost Bite with Byquy
3 Harding’s Amikirs Amour
RES Saunders’ Liefkees Annabell
Veteran Bitch – 5 (3) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Teacher’s Pet
2 Saunders’ Ch Liefkees Albertine
Breeders Bitch – 5 (1) 1 Saunders’ Liefkees Angelika
2 Luckhurst’s Gavimir Black Swan
3 Newman’s Leazehond Maddy Moonlight
RES Hills’ Plymkees Limited Edition Sh.CM
Best Brace (2) 1 Hopkins’
2 Saunders’

The Post Graduate Bitch winners

The winners of Post Graduate Bitch


The Judges Critique for the Open Show

The Keeshond Club Open Show 26th January 2013.


My thanks to this hardworking Committee for a great day judging this lovely and lively breed.

Although the bad weather unfortunately kept many exhibitors marooned at home, my entry on the day was very pleasing, and presented me with many challenges.  This wonderful well established breed has gone through a few changes in the past 20 years, not all of them positive, but breeders now seem to be united in producing typical sound stock without any exaggeration.   Colour is back to where it should be and the breeders should be proud of their achievements.


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1.   Edwards & Rousseaus Torrikees Van Heusen, , just six months, good for size with a well

shaped head, very raw and unsettled as yet but has plenty of time.

Junior Dog (1)

1.   Miles & Cullens Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek, 13 months, typical in outline, great

coat and markings, sound on the move.

Novice Dog ( 3)

1.   Hicksons Kichigai Where’s Wally, right for size and substance with a typical outline, great

colour of coat with good clear markings, well proportioned head, moved soundly.

2.   Silvesters Whizzkees Onyx Silver, at the smaller end of the scale for the breed, lovely dark

expressive eye, movement a bit erratic today.

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1.   Wilkins Whizzkees Onyx Sampson, I really liked this dog, he is just right for size and has

enough substance,  so typical in outline, with strong straight front & good feet. He has a

lovely head, well shaped and proportioned, dark correctly shaped eye and proper ivy

shaped ears, good compact body, well sprung rib with good depth, and short strong loin.

Well muscled rear and moved very soundly.  He was in good coat of correct colour.

Best Dog

2.   Pattisons Eastkees Time Lord, very similar in many ways to 1, correct size and shape with

lovely head and expression, sound and stylish on the move.

3.   Houghtons liefkees Ambassador.

Limit Dog (6)

1.   Matthews Pommary Ruff N’ Ready at Valindale, quality dog all over, plenty of substance

typical in outline and in great coat.  His head is so typical in shape, eyes and ears just right,

correct rib and front, lovely tail and so sound on the move, would just like him a size smaller.

2.   Bennetts Zandvoort Dream Stone, Good for size and shape, with neat head and good

markings and correct ears, he wouldn’t behave today and gave his handler a real hard time.

3.   Lindsays Enrevyar Exceptional with Mezanda.

Open Dog (4)

This class was very varied in type no two dogs even similar.

1.   Hopkins Helkeesen Regal Surfer among Serenaubach, All shades of grey would definitely

describe this dog, he is so good in coat colour and texture, good typical outline and in

proportion all over, lovely head shape, with almond shaped eyes and really great markings

at the eyes, strong straight front, level topline, good rib and tail, moved very soundly, I

would just like him a bit more masculine all over, however he is a lovely specimen of the


2.   Pattisons Eastkees Don’t Say a Word, well enough shaped, with a good deep rib and well

muscled all through, movement was erratic and his colour was not as good as 1.

3.   Wilkins Ch Pommary Quick Silver at Whizzkees

Veteran Dog ( 4)

1.   Miles Allfours Frosting Over Lekkerbek, 8 years old, so soundly constructed and balanced

throughout.  Grand head, correct front and deep rib, well placed tail and muscled rear, his

temperament is so confident and friendly, and just sooo Keeshond, his movent was sound

and stylish and he could show the youngsters a thing or two.  Res Best Dog. & Best Vet In


2.   Hills Plymkees First Edition Sh CM, good for size and substance, bit longer in loin than one

and moved a bit erratically today.

3.   Matthews Ch & Aust Ch Calivale What the Valindale (Aust Imp)

Breeders Dog ( 3)

1.   Henman & Patersons Foxifayre Dr Zhivago, quality dog, grand outline and type, scored in

head, eye and markings, rib and topline, very sound on the move, he was in great coat but

he would benefit from loosing a few pounds of weight.

2.   Luckhursts Gavimir Checkmate, Attractive dog of good size and typical outline, in grand

coat, with good markings, not so positive in front today.

3.   Hills, Plymkees Cool Dude Sh CM


Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

Two lovely quality bitch pups

1.   Passmores Torrikees Victoria’s Secret, delightful pup, all together for one so young, square

& compact, and so balanced, wonderful eye and expression, good rib and loin, very positive

and sound moving, really promising baby.

2.   McDonalds Torrikees Macy’s Just a little taller than 1 and not so mature in her head or body

yet, but very well made and I am sure will give her owner lots of fun.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1.  Reeds Byquy Willma, Absolutely stunning bitch puppy of correct size, substance and outline.

Correct coat in “all shades of grey” with well defined and correct markings.  Grand feminine

head, of good proportions, wedge shaped and with almond shaped obliquely set dark eyes

of the most endearing expression, good little ivy shaped ears set just right, correct front

angulation, deep rib and strong loin, & grand tail, very positive on the move front and rear.

One to watch.  Best Puppy in Show

Special Yearling Bitch (3)

1.   Redler & Wheatleys Foxifayre Treasure Trove, well named,  lovely feminine bitch with much

to admire, so typical for breed, well shaped and attractive head, grand dark eye and

wonderful expression, sturdy body with a great rear end, coat and condition 1st class.

Novice Bitch (2)

1.   Hicksons Kichigai Ups a Daisy, Pleasing bitch overall, good for size & substance, typical

outline, feminine head with correct eye and ear, Deep rib and short loin, in grand coat,

moved soundly. Res Best Bitch

2.   Redler & Wheatleys Pommary Almost An Angel, bit bigger and longer all over, coat of good

texture and colour, moved rather erratically today.

Post Grad Bitch (9)

1.  Lewis Leazehond Brightstar Night, lovely old fashioned type of bitch of quality and style,

Scored in head, eye, expression and ears. Deep rib, level topline, excellent quarters, very sound on the move, in great coat.

2.  Sharp-Bale & Whites Neradmik Sunday Lovin, Attractive feminine bitch out of coat but

nevertheless she has a lovely typical head, lovely expression and correct ivy ears, she is

square and compact with good bone and a sound body, moved well.

3.  Lindsay & Maycocks Enreveyar Evonna

Limit Bitch (4)

1.   Matthews Chotahkees Tickety Boo at Valindale, All shades of grey in super coat and

condition, however underneath all the glamour lies a true Keeshond. Well boned straight

front, deep well sprung rib, level topline and strong short loin, correctly set and carried tail.

Her head is correct for proportions, eye is almond and dark, ears are dark, small and ivy

shaped, set on just right. She is feminine, confident with the correct breed type and

temperament.  On the move she didn’t disappoint, sound and stylish with the correct clean

brisk gait so desired in the Keeshond, but so often lacking!  Best bitch & Best in Show

Open Bitch (6)

1.   Austin & Johnstons Chotahkees Enchantress, a very lovely bitch who has great coat colour

and markings and is typical in outline.   Very sound body, feminine head with lovely

expression and neat ivy ears, sound on the move, would just like her a size smaller.

2.   Pecks Luddelos Frost Bite With Byquy (Imp Swe), good for size and substance, dark eye

and neat ear, compact body, colour didn’t do it for me.

3.   Hardings Amikirs Amour

Veteran Bitch (5)

1.   Lindsays  Medium sized 10 year old in great fettle, square and compact, with plenty of bone

and substance, sweetest of expression from her grand dark eyes, sound body, with a really

positive front movement

2.   Saunders Ch Liefkees Albertine, scored in coat colour, texture and markings, bit bigger than

1, and moved rather erratically today.

Breeders Bitch (5)

1.   Saunders, Liefkees Angelika, Good for size and substance, sound compact body, coat in

excellent order with correct markings, moved soundly.

2.   Luckhursts Gavimir Black Swan, very flashy, longer in body than 1. moved ok.

3.   Newmans Leazhond Maddy Moonlight.

Brace (2)

1.   Haughton

2.   Saunders.

Both well matched pairs, 1st just had the edge in moving together.


M E Mulholland

Judges Critique (Special Awards)

Yearling l Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek nicely presented, well grown dog of pleasing type & overall conformation, easy
winner of this class.Attractive masculine head, dark eye, well shaped ear, coat of correct texture & nicely marked, tail
well set on & carried, sound typical movement; 2 Torrikees Victoria’s Secret, small 6 months bitch, just a baby with a lotof growing to do & loose all through. Stood above her more mature siblings by virtue of her overall body shape & proportions, the makings of a pretty feminine head with dark eye & nice ear but her underjaw needs to develop. Good forehand, excellent feet & tail well set on & carried. Profuse coat could be harsher Moved well for age;3 Torrikees Macy’s

Limit 1 Enreveyar Evonna,top quality bitch of lovely type & balance very good overall conformation, pleasing feminine head with dark eye & well set ear giving typical expression, tail well set on & carried, coat of good texture & nicely marked though not in full coat. Moved well keeping her topline;2 Whizzkees Onyx Sampson, well presented mature dog of good type & correct size, attractive masculine head with nice ruff giving typical expression, good spring of rib though just a touch long in loin. Balanced profile movement but just a little wide on approach; 3 Liefkees Ambassador.

Open 1 Liefkees Annabell, pretty very well made bitch of pleasing type, presenting a most attractive square profile picture, very good feminine head giving typical expression, nicely angulated front & reat tight cat feet, tail well set on & carried, coat of good texture, very good movement; 2 Chotahkees Enchantress, top quality, well balanced bitch with correct height to length body proportjons, very similar to 1 in make & shape, pleasing feminine head giving appealing expression, very good overall conformation, coat of good texture but not in full coat. Sound typical movement;3 Ch Pommary Quick SilveratWhizzkees.


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