2017 January Open Show



2017 January Open Show

January 28th

Roade Village Hall

Judge:  Mr. Howard Ogden

Special Awards – Lee Cox


Best in Show

Best Puppy

Best Dog

Byquy Workin Boots Mr D Peck & Mr D Matthews

Reserve Best in Show

Reserve Best Dog

Ch. Neradmik All About The Boy at Watchkees ShCM Mrs M Harris 

Best Opposite Sex

Best Bitch

Winklestar Anthe with Valindale Mrs A Atkinson and Messrs. L, D & M Matthews 

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Opposite Sex Puppy

Best Puppy Bitch

Torrikees Lust for Life Mr & Mrs I & A Passmore

Best Veteran

Torrikees with Attitude Mr & Mrs I & A Passmore

Reserve Best Veteran

Ch Pommary Quicksilver at Whizzkees R & C M Wilkin

Byquy Workin Boots (L) and Ch. Neradmik All About The Boy at Watchkees ShCM (R)

Winklestar Anthe with Valindale (L) and Torrikees Lust for Life (R)

1 Minor Puppy Dog  –  1 1. Neradmik Cary Grant For Watchkees (imp Can) Mrs M Harris
2 Puppy Dog – 1 1. Byquy Workin Boots Mr D Peck & Mr D Matthews
3 Junior Dog  – 4 1. Zandvoort Gettin Up and At Purrsonal for Eastkees

2. Zandvoort Purrsonal Life (AI)

3. Caraspitz All Shook Up

Mrs S Pattison

Mr C & Mrs G Brunt

Mrs & Mrs R & A Berger 

4 Special Yearling Dog – 2 (1) 1. Neradmik Kiss Chase with Lekkerbek Mrs J Miles & Miss S Dean & Mr G P Isles
5 Novice Dog – 1 3. Caraspitz All Shook Up Mrs & Mrs R & A Berger 
6 Post Graduate Dog – 4 (2) 1. Brykin Big Chief

2. Kimokees Laugh n Run of Zandvoort TAF

Mrs J Waller

Mr C & Mrs G Brunt

7 Limit Dog – 3 1. Byquy Rich Gent

2. Leazehond Lightning Bolt

3. Liefkees Ambassador

Miss A Bennett

S E & L J Newman

Mrs A M Houghton

8 Open Dog – 4 (1) 1. Ch. Neradmik All About The Boy at Watchkees JW ShCM

2. Byquy Will You Be Rich

3.  Neradmik Daddy Dear with Maldine

Mrs M Harris

Mrs A Atkinson & Mr D Peck

Mrs P Andrews

9 Veteran Dog – 3 (1) 1. Ch. Pommary Quicksilver at Whizzkees

2. Ch. Zandvoort Dream Machine

R & C M Wilkin

Mr C & Mrs G Brunt

10 Breeder’s Dog – 5 (3) 1. Leazehond Lightning Bolt

2. Plymkees Cool Dude ShCM

S E & L J Newman

Mr & Mrs A & S Hill

11 Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog – 2 (1) 1. Neradmik Kiss Chase with Lekkerbek Mrs J Miles & Miss S Dean & Mr G P Isles

12 Minor Puppy Bitch – 1 1. Neradmik Grace Kelly Mrs J Sharp-Bale
13 Puppy Bitch – 8 (3) 1. Torrikees Lust for Life

2. Torrikees Made in Heaven

3. Allforus Tangfastic Foxifayre

Res. Lucky Lady

VHC. Szaryk Long Tall Sally

Mr & Mrs I & A Passmore

Mrs V & S Marshall

Mrs B Henman & Mrs D Collins

Mrs S Pattison

Ms K Wealleans

14 Junior Bitch – 6 (2) 1. Kichigai Magic Dancer

2. Lyntova Midnight Angel with Eastkees (IKC)

3. Osiris Shining Bright von Het Earlskamp

Res. Bargeway That’s My Girl

Lady Karin S & Mr C Hickson

Mrs S Pattison

D. Hopkins

Mrs J Waller

15 Special Yearling Bitch 1 (1)    
16 Novice Bitch 1 1. Keitakees Asleep in the Back Mr M A & D A Redler & Wheatley
17 Post Graduate Bitch 6 (4) 1. Leazehond Picotee Pink

2. No Fear Von Het Earlskamp

Mr G & Ms L Skillet & Handley

D Hopkins

18 Limit Bitch 5 (1) 1. Winklestar Anthe with Valindale

2. Neradmik Dear Darling of Witchakees

3. Eastkees Blue Diamond

Res. Samoykees Exclusive Moon

Mrs A Atkinson and Messrs. L, D & M Matthews

Mrs J M White

Mrs S Pattison

A J & J M Fitches

19 Open Bitch 4 (2) 1. Chotahkees Don’t Stop Me Now

2. Liefkees Annabel

Ms K M Austin and Mr R Johnston

Miss J Saunders

20 Veteran Bitch 8 1. Torrikees with Attitude

2. Plymkees Limited Edition ShCM

3. Amikirs Amour

Res. Leazehond Maddy Moonlight

VHC. Torrikees American Affair (AI)

Mr & Mrs I & A Passmore

Mr A & Mrs S Hill

Mr D W Harding

S E & L J Newman

S. Evans

21 Breeder’s Bitch 5 (3) 1. Liefkees Annabell

2. Leazehond Moondust Cascade

Miss J Saunders

S E & L J Newman

22 Not Bred by Exhibitor Bitch 3 1. Leazehond Picotee Pink

2. Torrikees Made In Heaven

3. Whizzkees Ebony Silver for Plymkees JW

Mr G & Ms L Skillet & Handley

Mrs V & S Marshall

Mr A & Mrs S Hill


23 Brace 1.  Saunders  

Judges Critique from Howard Ogden

 It was my good fortune to be given this honour, having been salvaged from an unsuccessful JDP assessment back in 2013 by a Club that felt I might just make it with more intensive input. They have been unrelenting ever since! So, I have stewarded at the Club Ch show (yes, ME, back stewarding!) where I was also given  formal one-to-one mentoring by the judge of the day, Keith Nathan, who then reported back. Next came THEIR Seminar & judging assessment. Finally, today’s opportunity plus this critique required down to 3rd place from the 44 “Remainers” of the original 70 starters, So, that’s 38 critiques as follows!
 My fellow invitee was Lee Cox (yes,THE Lee Cox) who judged Special Awards AND the iced cake class where my own effort, of a set of keys / pair of spectacles, proved to be ahead of its time and was duly bombed to VHC!
This is a stand-out breed club at a time when some query their worth. Not only is there the training & encouragement for the likes of Lee & I  but there were at least two first time EVER exhibitors who were clearly warmly received and quickly integrated. Both told me they would be back. They are our future.There was a floral presentation to the pet-owning lady who attends each year donating volume home baking. Hot lunch was available to all. There was a word search quiz based on the Standard and an integrating Puppy Parade. The illustrated extended breed standard, that the Club publishes, is a triumph and endorsed by Feffie Somerfield & Liz Cartledge:”If all breeds had an illustrated standard this good then we would all be much better judges”.
Thanks to my ring steward both for keeping on my case & for his wry humour.
1st: Harris’ Neradmik Cary Grant For Watchkees (Imp, Can) 7m; super chap to start the day off with; chunky, bold & stylish; clean wedge; dark muzzle; gd ear; rather round in eye; gd markings; enough neck; square & sound with a brisk, springy stride on gd feet; gd tailset & carriage; as yet a little narrow & loose in front; surely a valuable addition with an assured future.
1st: Peck & Matthews’ Byquy Workin Boots. rising 10m; obviously “special” on sight but  it turned out to be “game over”; seemed to grow in stature as he progressed through the day;  oozes breed specifics; fabulous head, eye, spectacles & ears; can still firm a little in front; great & true rear; gd round bone; cream, cat feet; well ribbed & deep but with ground clearance; gd tailset & carriage; ex colour & jacket; correctly angled pasterns aided his lightly brisk, balanced & springy movement; in the final challenge he had an assured poise that defied his youth; clearly destined not only to gain his title but also to take high honours beyond the breed so as to make you ALL proud. BD; BPIS; BIS.
1st: Pattison’s Zandvoort Getting Up And At Purrsonal For Eastkees; 14m; v typical & promising; short & square; bit acute in stop; ex eye; dark muzzle; harsh jacket with defined markings; ears a touch wide; gd bone & feet;  briskly precise mover with typical profile action.
2nd:  Brunt’s Zandvoort Purrsonal Life; 14m but half brother born same day or litter brother? Bit narrower in muzzle; same degree of stop; well constructed overall; another ex shape; clean front; cat feet; ex jacket with required markings; not quite the tailset. also has a promising future.
3rd: Berger’s Caraspitz All Shook Up; 14m; less mature so showing plenty of daylight; gd headed d. correct in its detail; gd neck & forehand so comes on beautifully true; looser coat; ex tail carriage; longer cast; full of joy & character as he did his best to exit the hall with his dad!
1st: Miles’ Neradmik Kiss Chase With Lekkerbek; 19m; quality exhibit of breed specific type; eyes a touch close but ex head proportions; gd skull & ears; clean wedge; desired length & arch to neck to give ex forehand; well bodied; square; distinct markings; gd tailset; sound; sure to be challenging for top honours this season.
1st: C All Shook Up who settled to the task as he now aimed to please his mum who proved to be a stylish handler. Good luck with him!
PGD(4,2) Both from opposite ends of the standard.
1st: Waller’s Brykin Big Chief; 5yrs; ex head & eye; gd ear; clean wedge; short but rather low & narrow; ex jacket & markings; high set tail; ex rear; scored with his precise, brisk & light footed action.
2nd: Brunt’s Kimokees Laugh N Run Of Zandvoort; 2.5yrs; handsome & the more masculine; heavier headed & fuller in cheek; eye a shade light; well ribbed with correct width through body; ex jacket & markings; rather long as yet; ex tailset; less positive on the move & less firm at hock.
1st: Bennett’s Byquy Rich Gent; 26m; a stand out for breed type; dark muzzle; spectacles; well spaced, dark eyes; clean wedge; arch to neck with ruff; clean front; squarely built; rounded rib; cat feet; gd jacket with distinct shoulder marking; can be more positive off his hocks but had a briskness & precision that gave a typical profile on the move; surely of CC quality.
2nd: Newman’s Leazehond Lightening Bolt; 4yrs; scored heavily in jacket & markings; correct ear but rather wide set; rather a short muzzle; a little low set overall; clean front with correct width; well matured in body; gd tailset; weak rear.
3rd: Houghton’s Liefkees Ambassador; 6.5yrs; gd skull & muzzle; another scoring in jacket & distinct markings; clean front; gd tailset & carriage; tall set & long cast; also weak in hind action.
1st: Harris’ Ch Neradmik All About The Boy For Watchkees. JW Sh CM; rising 4yrs & probably the only exhibit I had judged before; admired him before he was ever titled & still do; sound & typical; well proportioned both in head and body; masculine w/o any hint of coarseness; gd to handle with his ex conformation & coupling; correct in eye & ear; gd neck & forehand; high set tail; handled to make the most of the ring with that brisk profile action; not the best colour definition but I suspect that is more transient; plenty more CCs to come. RBD & RBIS.
2nd: Atkinson & Peck’s Byquy Will You Be Rich; 26m litter brother to LD; likewise is up to CC standard; so square in outline; gd headpiece that is a clean, proportionate wedge; still a little narrow through; not quite the set on; scored in his correctly marked jacket & that brisk, springy step to give such a typical, eye-catching profile.
3rd: Andrews’ Ch Neradmik Daddy Bear With Maldine; rising 2 yrs; entirely different in type being stronger headed, heavier made & longer bodied but overtly masculine & well made; well rounded in rib; deep brisket; richly pigmented; ex jacket & distinct markings; correct width through; sound enough on ex feet but lacked spring to his stride.
VD(3,0). I thought “these two must be Champions” and I wasn’t wrong!
1st: Wilkin’s Ch Pommary Quick Silver At Whizkees; rising 8yrs; struck me as classically marked & coat of correct texture; gd clean wedge of correct proportions; dark muzzle with defined chin;  eye a little round; ears a little wide; squarely compact; correct rib; gd round bone; ex feet; tight tail carriage; moved brisk & true.
2nd: Brunt’s Ch Zandvoort Dream Machine; rising 9yrs; also squarely built; narrower in muzzle but better ear set; ex jacket showing textbook markings; harshly coated; ex rib & brisket; required width through front; cat feet; just less secure on the move.
BRED BY(5,3)
1st: L L Bolt
2nd: Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude Sh CM; 6yrs;  correct eye; gd skull; clean wedge; ears a little wide; scored with ex jacket & tailset; a little long & heavy in build; gd enough in rear but weaving in front.
1st: N Kiss Chase with L.
1st: Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Grace Kelly; 7m litter sister to the MPD; fabulously square, sound & feminine; ears just a touch wide; dark muzzle with correct taper; dark eye; correct width through front; has all her markings; gd jacket; correct bone & feet; ex tailset; moves brisk & true. Will be interested to see how the finished product will have grown on as she currently has the look of a potential title holder.
PB(8,3). Headed by litter sisters. 
1st:  Passmore’s Torrikees Lust For Life; 9m; strong & chunky in build but w/o compromising her femininity one bit; correctly balanced wedge; eye a touch small;  arched neck into a well angulated forehand; beautifully bodied with width & depth; correct in jacket & with distinct markings; cat feet; ex tailset; brisk & precise on the move; surely capable of challenging the best in this form as, indeed, she did today. BPB; RBB; RBPIS.
2nd: Marshall’s Torrikees Maid In Heaven; 9m; bold outlook; narrower in muzzle & not quite the set on but absolutely interchangeable & her sister’s equal so will be challenging the best too; ex eye; correctly proportioned in both head & body; scores in neck, rib & couplings; ex jacket & markings; gave nothing away in movement that was both sound & springy.
3rd: Henman’s Allforus Tangfastic Foxifayre; 9m half-sister to above pair; a little more “doggy” overall & needs to firm in front pastern but that’s about it; really useful sort & full of breed type; outstanding head features; clean wedge; ex eye & ears; ex jacket, colour & markings; longer cast as yet; tight tail carriage; firm rear action.
1st: Hickson’s Kichigai Magic Dancer; just 12m; strong in head with some outstanding specifics such as dark muzzle & dark, oblique, eye; small, ivy ear; ex neck &  front; gd jacket & markings; ex tailset with double curl; moved true & gave a gd profile; awkward age but has the “finish” to see her through; another of CC standard.
2nd: Pattison’s Lyntova Midnight Angel With Eastkees; 10m; absolute quality; so pretty in head & feminine; superb eye & ear; short; well ribbed; gd jacket & tail carriage; precise & straight on the move; one with an assured future.
3rd: Hopkins’ Osiris Shining Bright Von Het Earlskamp 13m; stronger headed; narrow muzzle & rather acute in stop; prefer smaller ear; can firm at pastern; but the body was quite another matter; compact; scored in neck & shoulder; well ribbed; deep but with clearance; gd bone & cat feet; high tailset; brisk mover with ex profile; will surely breed on.
1st: Redler & Wheatley’s Keitakees Asleep In The Back; 16m; best name of the day?; certainly well above Novice status; beautifully muscled, sound & typy; ex head with gd eye & ears; compact if not absolutely square; so gd in rib & depth; distinctly marked; sound mover on ex feet; onward & upward for this one.
1st: Skillett & Handley’s Leazehond Picotee Pink; 19m; loved her; sheer breed type; lovely head & eye; dark muzzle; gd ear shape; compact; well bodied for a teenager; well set tail; gd jacket & markings; sound& brisk on the move; one to watch out for as she readily moves up the class rankings.
2nd: Hopkins’ No Fear Van Het Earlskamp (ATC); 2.5yrs; ex eye; ivy leaf ear; defined stop; ex double coat with defined markings; gd bone & feet; longer cast & slightly lower tail set; went ok behind but came on rather weak.
LB(5,1) Competitive class 
1st: Atkinson & Matthews Winklestar Anthe With Valindale Naf,Taf; 18m; screams breed type; half sister to the RBB puppy winner; dark mask; clean wedge; gd eye; short & chunky; gd bone & feet; ex tail set ideal jacket & markings; but then she steps it up a gear when she moves which is so sound, brisk & light; her title should be a formality. BB;BOS
2nd: White’s Neradmik Dear Darling Of Whitchakees; rising 2yrs; quality b; strongly made yet feminine; ex head type; clean wedge; correct in eye & ear; outstanding body shape; ex rib & brisket; correct, unexaggerated rear; ex tail set; gd profile as she circuited; not quite the clarity of markings; failed in front.
3rd: Pattison’s Eastkees Blue Diamond; 16m;instantly appealed; lovely head; clean wedge; ex eye & ears; compactly bodied; ex jacket; cat feet but need to firm in front pasterns; have every confidence she will mature on & more than hold her own in adult competition.
1st: Austin & Johnston’s Chotakees Don’t Stop Me Now; 2yrs half sister to PGB winner; quality exhibit choc full of breed type & so gd to go over; dark muzzle; clean wedge; gd eye; compact & well coupled in body; correct jacket & tail set; gd bone & feet; absolutely sound if not totally “firing” in this venue; CC quality.
2nd: Saunders’ Liefkees Annabell; 6.5yrs; clean wedge; eye a touch light & round; ears a little wide; longer cast; well marked, quality jacket; not moving to advantage.
VB(8,1) Great class
1st: Passmore’s Torrikees with Attitude; well named 10yr old; scores in head with defined spectacles; ex eye & ears; correct wedge; square outline; well bodied & coated; her positive, brisk movement, on well padded feet, defied the years.
2nd: Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition Sh CM; 11yrs young; so true to type & close up; ex eye & ears; gd shape & outline; gd jacket & markings; briskly accurate on the move.
3rd:  Harding’s Amikirs Amour; 8yrs; v typy; ex eye set in a cleanly tapered wedge; well marked jacket; gd rib & depth; less gd on the move, not helped by relatively flat feet.
BRED BY(5,3)
1st: L Annabell
2nd: Newman’s Leazehond Moondust Cascade; 6.5yrs; really beautiful head with gd balance, eye & spectacles; front feet flat & turned out; gd compact body shape, just sagging a little; typical & distinct markings; moved weak fore & aft.
1st: L Picotee Pink
2nd: T Made In Heaven
3rd: Hill’s Whizzkees Ebony Silver For Plymkees JW; rising 3yrs; gd head balance; not the best eye or ear shape; compact & strong bodied with ex jacket & double curl; disappointingly, weak movement.
1st: Miss Saunders’ well matched mother & daughter; combined type & schooled, breed character with dramatic markings to end the day on a high note.
                                                    HOWARD OGDEN (Judge)

Keeshond Club

28th January 2017


Special award Classes


Many thanks to the club for the invitation and to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and the sporting atmosphere. An interesting breed to judge, very much on the day.


Special Yearling

1: Sharp-Bale’s NERADMIK GRACE KELLY, 7 month old and potential in spades. Delightful head and expression, won the class on front assembly and forward reach. Balanced in outline, she is in fabulous condition. . Strong topline and compact. Well set tail and carried well.


2: Passmore’s TORRIKEES LUST FOR LIFE, slightly more mature and  she too presents a typical outline. Not quite the front of the winner and this is where she lost out. Liked her head and expression and she too is in good coat of correct texture and well presented. Good going away but a little loose in front coming towards me today.


3: Brunt’s ZANDVOORT PURRSONAL LIFE, decent type and I liked his head and expression. Not quite the finish at the moment but he is at that teenage stage. Would prefer more positivity in front but the size of the ring didn’t really suit him



1: Hickson’s KICHIGAI MAGIC DANCER, super headed bitch with a fabulous expression. Liked her overall balance, and she is in full coat. True in front with enough neck and strong topline. Well set tail, carried well. A tad erratic on the go round but she did enough to show me that she put her feet where they should be.


2:Miles’ NERADMIK KISS CHASE WITH LEKKERBEK,  mature male and masculine in outlook. Another in full coat and upstanding in outline. Decent head and pleasing expression. Liked him for angulation and he is compact. Moved well in profile , just a little untidy today on the of and back

3: Redler & Wheatley’s KEITAKEES ASLEEP IN THE BACK. Sadly out of coat but her outline was there to see. Decent type with a pleasing outline. Moved well in profile but snore who was erratic on the out and back. She just tended to throw a wrist coming towards me.



1: nice class. Brunt’s KIMOKEES LAUGH LAUGH N RUN OF ZANDVOORT ,  Very pleasing male who presents and extremely typical male in outline. Masculine head with a good expression. Good to go over, he was in full coat. Good neck into topline and decent tail set. On the move he can never be overlooked with an easy action and covering the ground with ease. Liked him


2: Austin’s CHOTAHKEES DON’T STOP ME NOW, very pleasing and pretty young lady who too scores on type. Not quite in her full bib and tucker today but she is also very good to go over . Another who’s movement is a joy and she should never be overlooked. Close up and it was splitting hairs


3: Hill’s WHIZZKEES EBONY SILVER FOR PLYMKEES JW, the presentation on this bitch should be commended! Delightful head and expression, good to go over and looks good in profile. On the out and back she could have been a little more precise and she just needs a tad more coat to complete the picture.


Lee A S Cox (Judge)

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