2012 October Open Show

The Grange Hall, Southam, Warwicks. CV47 1QA

on Saturday 6th October 2012

Judge: Mr David Robbins



Judge David Robbins

The Keeshond Club held an open show where a very good entry was received with a good attendance on
the day. I found there was a great variety of type and in a lot of cases, movement left a lot to be desired.
My main winners however, would stand their own in any company.

BIS was Eastkees Don’t Say A Word; RBIS & BP Neradmik Miss Holly Berry.

PD (2) Andrew’s Neradmik Help The Hero at Maldine, 11 months, correct, well placed ears and nice
head, good front, well coupled, in full bloom & correct coat with good colour. Well balanced, moved
satisfactorily. 2 Miles & Cullen’s Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek, 9 months of good size & dark
eye, ears very well placed but I felt they were a little large which spoiled the expression. Good spring of
rib & substance, moved OK.

JD (5) Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Handsome Hero, 11 months upstanding dog with masculine well
proportioned head, super ears, excellent dark eye, well arched neck, good bone & rib, well balanced with
straight front, good coat, moved very wall, BBD, BPD; 2 Pattison’s Eastkees Timelord, another good
prospect, good head & ears, dark eye, good neck & good body substance, well balanced, moved well; 3
Tew’s Bargeway Mr Bojangles.

ND (4) 1 2 Miles & Cullen’s Neradmik Game Plan for Lekkerbek; 2 Silvester’s Whizzkees Onyx Silver,
smaller than I like but well balanced. Pleasing head, set off by good ears & dark eye. Tended to splay in
front and I would like more of him all round.

PGD (6) 1 Tew’s Bargeway Keen To Rumble, Well balanced dog, pleasing head & eye, good ears, true
front with good tail carriage. Coat could be harsher, moved OK; 2 Wilkin’s Whizzkees Onyx Sampson,
Nice head & ears. Another who tended to splay at the front, but well balanced and moved OK, but I
would prefer more size and substance to him; 3 Houghton’s Liefkees Ambassador

LD (6) 1 Elliot’s Neradmik Boss at Fletilla, good head, dark eye, good ear placement, straight front with
catlike feet, excellent spring of rib, good tail carnage, correct coat, ample bone, moved OK; 2 Lindsay’s
Enrevyar Exceptional with Mezanda, pleasing head & good ears (when used), true front, well balanced,
moved OK but would like more substance behind the rib; 3 Bennett’s Zandvoort Dream stone.

OD (6) 1 Pattison’s Eastkees Don’t say A Word, really took my fancy, nothing flamboyant but everything
correct. Lovely foxlike head, dark eye, good ear placement & well used, straight front with good bone,
short coupled with nice neck & spring of rib with super substance, nice depth of brisket with good tail
carriage, in good coat with good ruff & of true texture, lovely movement both ways. BIS; 2 Hopkins’
Helkeesen Regal Surfer among Serenaubach, lovely masculine head, good eye & ears, correct front, good
neck & shoulders, well bodied with good conformation, super tailset & moved OK; 3 Hill’s Plymkees Star Class.

VD (3) 1 Goddard’s Amikirs Pagani, 13 years, can still move out well, in good coat, good rib &
substance, demanded attention, well handled & presented by his young handler. Breeders D (2) I Hill’s
Plymkees Cool Dude, good head & eye but ears just a shade wide apart. Good body & rib but a little long
cast. Moved OK both ways.

MPB (1) 1 Hickson’s Kichigai Ups A Daisy, 8 months bitch in super coat of good colour, feminine head,
dark eye, good ears, short coupled, high tail set, moved well.

PB (2) I Sharp-Bale’s Neradmik Miss Holly Berry, 9 months & what a stunner. beautiful head, super ear
placement, dark eye, all giving a lovely expression, straight at front & rear short coupled with excellent
balance set by lovely arch of neck & excellent tailset, nice size giving a lovely overall picture & moved
well both ways. BB, BP, pressed the dog very strongly indeed. Surely this one will gain its title very
soon; 2 White’s Neradmik Meant To Be with Whitchakees, litter sister to 1 but bigger type, not as well
balanced but again lovely head, neck & spring of rib, super coat, moved OK.

JB (8) 1 Pattison’s Eastkees Timeless Love, 12 months, good head of correct proportions, true front, in
full bloom & well balanced, good rear-quarters, well bodied. Moved well; 2 Truelove’s Amikirs Just
Desserts, another well balanced bitch with good front, feminine head, very alert to her handler. Ears just a
shade large but moved OK; 3 Redler & Wheatley’s Foxifayre Treasure Trove.

YB (3) 1 Hopkins’ Torrikees Shakira among Serenaubach, pleasing head, straight front, short coupled,
good tail carriage. Coat could be harsher but moved OK; 2 Redler & Wheatley’s Pommary Almost An
Angel, up to size, good head & bone, excellent body & tailset, good coat but a shade long cast &
movement not the best.

NB (3) 1 Lindsay & Maycock’s Enrevyar Evonna, enjoyed her day out, pleasing head with good eye &
ears, nicely balanced but would prefer more body substance. Coat of
true texture & moved OK.

PGB (6) 1 Lewis’ Leazehond Brightstar Night, feminine head, dark eye, super ears,
good neck & conformation, good rib & substance, moved OK; 2 Searle’s Brykin
Beulieu at Heemstede, 5 years, correct head, nice neck, good bone, longer cast than 1 but moved OK; 3
Lindsay & Maycock’s Enrevyar Evonna.

LB (7) 1 Brewer’s Helkeesen Surfin Honey, short coupled bitch with correct front, super spring of rib,
good head, eye & eye set off by nice neck. Moved better at front than rear; 2 Henman & Peterson’s
Eastkees Dare To Dream of Foxifayre, 5 years, correct head & ears, in full bloom, just a little long cast
but moved OK.

OB (6) I Pattison’s Eastkees say No More, lovely head, dark eye; straight front, good bone & feet, short
coupled, excellent high tailset, ample substance throughout, moved well; 2 Truelove’s Neradmik
Baiodora Lady D’Winter, 6 years bitch of similar size to 1, nice head & expression, well balanced, in
good coat, moved OK but tended to stand wide at front.

VB (6) 1 Lindsay’s Mezanda Teachers Pet, 10 years, very fit & energetic, nice head
& ears, very attentive & alert, nice head & expression, straight front, nice balance, moved very well both
ways; 2 Saunders’ Ch Liefkees Albertine, 7 years, lovely feminine head, dark eye, good ears,
straight front, good rib & substance, nice tailset, moved OK;3 Goddard’s Ch Swa5hway Drama Queen.

Breeders B (4) 1 Hickson’s Kichigai Special Edition, feminine head of correct proportions, good neck &
front, short coupled, good spring of rib & body substance, good coat & tail carriage, moved well; 2 M
Teacher’s Pet.

Brace (3) 1 Hopkins


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