Brian and Allison Bennett

It all started on the 17th August 1978. Which was Ann’s, my late wife’s birthday. I won’t tell you what birthday, but it was her birthday.

Visiting Windsor Championship Show in July we saw our first Keeshond. Although we were showing Boxers at the time, Ann decided that this was the breed for her. After making a few inquiries we found out that Jean Sharp-Bale had puppies available. Upon learning of our interest, Jean invited us to her home at Three Legged Cross.

Opening her front door, we were greeted by half a dozen balls of fluff and a minute or so later came, what was to ultimately become, our first Keeshond – Prince.

After spending the day with Jean we not only left, with Prince, our first Keeshond but on Jean’s insistence with a commitment that we join The Keeshond Club.

Arriving home we let Prince out and he promptly sat in a puddle and for the first time we saw the famous Keeshond smile.

Showing Prince at Open and Championship show’s led us to be introduced to Mrs Sylvia Scroggs, who educated us about the Keeshond. This was a start of a great friendship which eventually led to a partnership, between Sylvia and ourselves.

Our first dog owned in partnership with Sylvia was Ledwell Enigma, who was the most obedient and loving bitch we have ever had.

Then came Ledwell Kenton who after a very promising puppy career, was sadly let down by his colour.

After this upset, Sylvia very kindly trusted us to have a dog, Ledwell Uncle Sam, from her imported bitch, Eng. Am. & Can. Ch. Greenkees Envoy v Ledwell (Matilda). Sam, a real character, was once seen never forgotten; as Eileen Wilding will testify. Sam went on to win 1 CC and numerous RCC’s.

We then went on to purchase a puppy, Vanwall Vermont, or Harvey as he is known at home from Doris and Bill Purdon. He is the only dog we have ever owned who would prefer to stay at home rather than go for a walk.

I can remember, one time while taking him for a walk at the local park, I turned round looking for him. There he was calmly sitting there some distance back, thinking that if I carried on he would follow; I continued. Sometime later, l turned again. However this time Harvey was nowhere in sight. After spending quite a few hours searching for him in the park I went back to the car, only to find him waiting patiently for me.

Harvey, definitely a dog who preferred not to walk!


When Ledwell Uncle Sam died at the age of 11, Sylvia suggested that there could well be something nice from the mating of Greenkees Oscar at Ledwell, her latest import, and a very nice bitch Ch. Norkees Hot Pursuit From Foxifayre. How right she was, and this is when Foxifayre Oklahoma at Ledwell came in to our lives.

He is not only a beautiful dog to live with, but he has became our first champion. His list of credits include; winner, on four separate occasions, of the Keeshond Club’s Bingo Rose Bowl for top stud as well as top sire in “Dog World” and “Our Dogs”. Siring four champions and several overseas champions, his type and lovely temperament has become a great influence on the breed. He has also sired our other dog Ch. Zandvoort Dream Maker at Ledwell, Danny. I am sure, as he has exactly the same mannerisms, that Danny is Ledwell Uncle Sam reincarnated.

Danny achieved, in 1999, Top Puppy in Breed and is still being shown today.

We also have four German Spitz but that is a different story …………

Brian & Allison Bennett
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